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SRPMIC Code of Ordinances

Note: Like all governments, from time to time the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Council will amend its Code of Ordinances between printings. Please consult the list below of amended or newly enacted ordinances. We will do our best to post newly enacted and amended ordinances as quickly as possible.
Complete Document
SRPMIC Complete Code of Ordinances [PDF]
Individual Sections
Current and Former Officials [PDF]
Preface [PDF]
Table of Contents [PDF]
Constitution [PDF]
Chapter 1 - General Provisions and Enterprises, Divisions and Boards [PDF]
Chapter 2 - Community Membership [PDF]
Chapter 3 - Voting and Elections [PDF]
Chapter 4 - Courts Generally [PDF]
Chapter 4.5 - Law Enforcement and Legal Offices [PDF]
Chapter 5 - Rules of the Community Court [PDF]
Chapter 5.5 - Civil Offenses [PDF]
Chapter 6 - Criminal Code [PDF]
Chapter 6.5 - Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification [PDF]
Chapter 7 - Extradition and Exclusion [PDF]
Chapter 8 - Sentencing [PDF]
Chapter 9 - Probate [PDF]
Chapter 10 - Domestic Relations [PDF]
Chapter 11 - Minors [PDF]
Chapter 12 - Animals and Fowl [PDF]
Chapter 13 - Health and Sanitation [PDF]
Chapter 14 - Alcoholic Beverages and Prohibited Substances [PDF]
Chapter 15 - Licensing and Permitting [PDF]
Chapter 15.1 - Taxation [PDF]
Chapter 15.5 - Gaming [PDF]
Chapter 16 - Traffic and Motor Vehicles [PDF]
Chapter 17 - Development, Real Property and Housing [PDF]
Chapter 17.5 - Floodplain and Drainage [PDF]
Chapter 18 - Water and Other Natural Resources [PDF]
Chapter 19 - Cultural Resources [PDF]
Chapter 20 - Finances [PDF]
Chapter 21 - Graffiti [PDF]
Chapter 23 - Labor and Employment [PDF]
Chapter 24 - Business and Commerce [PDF]
Code Comparative Table [PDF]
Index [PDF]

Note: Zoning Ordinance information is available on the CDD Planning Services site.

Newly Approved Ordinances
Effective from Certification Date

Due to the yearly update cycle for the SRPMIC Code of Ordinances book, the following ordinances have not yet been published and incorporated into a new supplement. However, it is important that these ordinances be posted for public information.
OrdinanceCertification Date
SRO-434-2014 Smoke Shop Background Check Ordinance [PDF]Jan 15, 2014
SRO-435-2014 Judicial Discipline and Conduct Commission Ordinance [PDF]Feb 12, 2014
SRO-436-2014 Amend Zoning Ordinance to permit DOLU for SRPMIC Justice Center (A to AP) [PDF]Jan 15, 2014
SRO-437-2014 SRFSI Technical Amendment (Chapter 17, Section 223) [PDF]Feb 26, 2014
SRO-438-2014 Amendment for Background Checks for Smoke Shop License Applicants [PDF]Feb 26, 2014
SRO-439-2014 Liquor Ordinance Amendment for Background Checks for Alcohol License [PDF]Mar 5, 2014
SRO-440-2014 Slayer Statute Ordinance Clarification [PDF]Mar 26, 2014
SRO-441-2014 Revised Code of Ordinances [PDF]Apr 16, 2014
SRO-442-2014 Amending Section of the Appellate Code [PDF]Apr 16, 2014
SRO-443-2014 Prescription Drug Tax Exemption [PDF]Jun 4, 2014
SRO-444-2014 Amend Chapter 10 to establish an Office of the Public Fiduciary [PDF]Jul 2, 2014
SRO-445-2014 Technical Amendments to Chapter 10- Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities [PDF]Jul 2, 2014
SRO-446-2014 Amended Disorderly Conduct Ordinance (Chapter 6, Section 6-5) [PDF]Jul 30, 2014
SRO-447-2014 Misconduct Involving Weapons Ordinance [PDF]Jul 30, 2014
SRO-448-2014 Amended Housing Ordinance [PDF]Aug 20, 2014
SRO-449-2014 Amended Gaming Ordinance [PDF]Aug 27, 2014
SRO-450-2014 Repeal Chapter 17, Article XII-Revised Development Fee Program [PDF]Sep 24, 2014
SRO-451-2015 Amend Chapter 14 to Provide Consistency with Arizona State Liquor Law [PDF]Oct 1, 2014
SRO-452-2015 Technical Amendment to Chapter 15: Business License [PDF]Oct 22, 2014
SRO-453-2015 Technical Amendment to Chapter 17: Homesites [PDF]Oct 22, 2014
SRO-454-2015 Amendment to 6.5-10(a) of the Sex Offender Registry Notification Ordinance (distance restriction change-tier 1 and 2) [PDF]Dec 10, 2014
SRO-455-2015 Incorrigible Ordinance [PDF]Jan 17, 2015
SRO-456-2015 Amended Appellate Code (Revised Effective Date) [PDF]Jan 21, 2015
SRO-457-2015 Gaming Ordinance Amendment (Improve efficiency of Gaming Regulations.) [PDF]Jan 28, 2015
SRO-458-2015 Ordinance Repealing Section 6-122 (Criminal Forfeiture) [PDF]Jan 28, 2015
SRO-459-2015 Raffle Ordinance Amendment [PDF]Feb 4, 2015
SRO-460-2015 Liquor Ordinance Amendment (Clarify SRO-451-2015) [PDF]Mar 25, 2015
SRO-461-2015 Salt River Community Golf Enterprises Revised Enabling Ordinance [PDF]Apr 1, 2015

Please contact the Council Secretary, Erica Harvier at (480) 362-7466, if you would like to purchase a bound copy of the SRPMIC's Code of Ordinances.