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SRPMIC Criminal Code and Other Ordinances with Criminal Penalties

Note: Like all governments, from time to time the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Council will amend its Code of Ordinances between printings. Please consult the list below of amended or newly enacted ordinances. We will do our best to post newly enacted and amended ordinances as quickly as possible.
Chapter 5 - Civil and Criminal Procedure [PDF]
Chapter 6 - Criminal Code [PDF]
Please refer to the amendments below when referencing Chapter 6. Many significant updates have been made.
Chapter 8 - Sentencing [PDF]
Chapter 10 - Domestic Relations [PDF]
Chapter 11 - Minors [PDF]
Chapter 12 - Animals and Fowl [PDF]
Chapter 14 - Alcoholic Beverages and Contraband [PDF]
Chapter 21 - Graffiti [PDF]

Newly Approved Ordinances
Effective from Certification Date

Due to the yearly update cycle for the SRPMIC Code of Ordinances book, the following ordinances have not yet been published and incorporated into a new supplement. However, it is important that these ordinances be posted for public information.
OrdinanceCertification Date
SRO-367-2010 Amended Homicide Ordinance [PDF]August 18, 2010
SRO-380-2011 Facilitation Ordinance [PDF]March 16, 2011
SRO-392-2012 Amendment to Sex Offender Registration Ordinance [PDF]January 25, 2012
SRO-395-2012 Amend Chapter 5 – Criminal Rules (Revised Article III) [PDF]May 16, 2012
SRO-399-2012 Amend Chapter 8, Section 8-7, Violation of Probation [PDF]May 16, 2012
SRO-400-2012 Amend Chapter 10, Article VII, Section 10-116(a)(1) Domestic Violence [PDF]May 16, 2012
SRO-401-2012 Amend Chapter 16, Aricle VII, Section 16-263 & 16-264 Procedure in Criminal Cases [PDF]May 16, 2012
SRO-405-2012 Amended Sexual Offender Registry Notification Act [PDF]June 18, 2012
SRO-410-2013 Liquor Ordinance Amendment (32 to 40 ounces) [PDF]Dec. 5, 2012
SRO-411-2013 Rules of Civil and Criminal Appellate Procedure [PDF]Dec. 5, 2012
SRO-412-2013 Amendment Chapter 5, Article II, Section 5-31 Pleas [PDF]Dec. 5, 2012
SRO-418-2013 Amend Chapter 6, Articles I-VII (Expand Sentencing Authority and Update Certain Criminal Offenses) [PDF]Mar. 6, 2013
SRO-419-2013 Amend Chapter 8, Sections 3, 7, 8, and 9 (Sentencing classifications and terms) [PDF]Mar. 6, 2013
SRO-420-2013 Amend Chapter 6, SORNA Medical Exception from a Residency Restriction [PDF]Mar. 6, 2013
SRO-429-2014 Rights of Crime Victims Code [PDF]Nov. 13, 2013
SRO-430-2014 Amended Domestic Violence Code [PDF]Nov. 20, 2013
SRO-432-2014 Facilitation Ordinance [PDF]Dec. 4, 2013
SRO-433-2014 Technical Amendments to Dangerous Drugs Ordinance [PDF]Dec. 4, 2013

If you would like to obtain a paper copy of the complete Code of Ordinances, please contact the Council secretaries.