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Tribal Government

Governed by the Community Council, the Tribal Government is comprised of the:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Tribal Council

President and Vice President

The President and Vice President are elected at-large and serve a four-year term.

President - Delbert Ray
Vice President - Martin Harvier

Tribal Council

Two electoral districts elect the Council members: District I - Salt River and District II - Lehi. Five (5) members are elected from District I and two (2) members are elected from District II. The Council members serve a staggered term of four (4) years.

More about the Tribal Council

Community Management

The President and Vice President oversee the management of the comprehensive government development, operations and services including all of the following departments.

Government Departments

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Community Manager

The SRPMIC Community Manager reports directly to the Community Council and acts as the senior (non-elected) staff official responsible for all Government staff, operations and resources.

The Community Manager's major tasks and responsibilities for the government include:

  • Directing the day-to-day Community government operations
  • Overall personnel management and supervision for all government staff
  • Management of the Community government's resources
  • Development, management and maintenance of the Community government's systems
  • Overall management of the Community annual budget development and execution
  • Providing executive direction and project management for the Community's projects
  • Ensuring the Community staff executes decisions and policies made by the Community Council
  • Assists the Council in the preparation and facilitation of regular, executive and working Council meetings
  • Developing and implementing the Community's Strategic Plan
Community Manager - Bryan Meyers
Assistant Community Manager - Kent Andrews
Assistant Community Manager - Carla Banuelos
Assistant Community Manager - Lena Jackson