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Director of Corrections
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It is my privilege to continue to serve as Director of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Department of Corrections. We are a dynamic organization dedicated to the highest attainable quality of excellence in our profession. We incorporate 'Best Practices' (that which has already been proven) and 'Next Practices', which are the innovative new things in this ever-changing environment, both data-driven and results-oriented.

As one can imagine, every outcome we produce contributes to our mission of protecting the public, employees and offenders. Encompassing an array of services and programs, the department is devoted to and embraces ownership in reducing recidivism. Sound correctional practices and standards will aid in this endeavor, thereby possibly reducing crimes and victims. However, there is a larger mission as well and we must remember that recidivism can be a flawed measure and minimizes the larger holistic approach of correctional success to include, safety, security, order, humane and healthy conditions, in a fair, firm and efficient environment.

SRDOC welcomes change, for if the change on the outside of the organization exceeds change on the inside, then the organization becomes antiquated and eventually extinct. In that vein, the department developed a succession plan utilizing leadership training as a catalyst to prepare for the future. This same embrace of change is reflected throughout the department as evident from new products with our correctional training, to software development, to addressing statistical factors.

We will continue to be focused upon department goals and objectives even during chaotic financial times. The Department of Corrections is not immune to budget reductions and we will implement our reductions responsibly, while maintaining our core mission of protecting the public, driving our decisions. To meet these demands, maintenance of agency goals and objectives is central. Having a well thought out plan with correction specific benchmarks that are attainable in advance will drive our mission forward. SRDOC will also be strengthening its educational, vocational and treatment programs which provide tangible skills to offenders who desire to succeed.

The Department strives to be transparent by allowing stakeholders to become involved in most aspects of our business; this would include education and health services, to name a few. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed; so as you peruse the website, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our website demonstrates our achievements and plans for the future. We encourage you to explore our site and gain knowledge about your Department of Corrections, where we strive to remain a leader, not only in Indian Country, but nationally, and a partner in making SRPMIC a safer, healthier, better educated, growing and best-managed community.