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Court Rules


All members of the public entering the Court building are required to clear the security checkpoint. The screening process entails checking backpacks, handbags and other similar items. Court Security will also us a wand should they determine further screening is in order. No gang attire is permitted. Patrons should arrive early for all scheduled court matters as the security process can take some time.

Court Security is provided for the benefit of those who work in the building as well as for the public. Court Security is present to provide protection of people and property within the building.

Service Windows

Window #1: Intake for arraignment, bench warrant walk-ins, court information and filing of documents.

Window #2: Filings for Prosecution, Legal Services and Defense ONLY.

Window #3: Juvenile

Filing Fees

  • Divorce / Separation $40
  • Civil Petitions $10
  • Appeals (adult) $25
  • Bond (amount is determined by Judge in Court)


  • Civil
  • Criminal
  • Juvenile
  • Diversion
  • Probation
  • Appeals
  • Bailiff / Process Servers
  • Administration

In-House Phone

Used to contact the Probation Officers and other court staff.

Customer Comments

All customers are encouraged to provide comments to the Court Administrator. For your convenience, there is a Customer Comment Box located in the Main Floor Lobby.

Calls can be made to (480) 362-6315 to inquire about the availability of the Chief Judge or the Court Administrator or to schedule an appointment.

Court Forms

For your convenience, the SRPMIC Court has made available fillable forms for your use. This feature allows you to access forms from a computer and electronically fill them out. You can then bring the completed forms to the Court along with your filing fees for processing.

Please read the corresponding instructions before completing the documents.

NOTE: The SRPMIC Court forms are intended to be filed in the SRPMIC Court for matters under our jurisdiction. These forms are unique to the SRPMIC Court and are not appropriate for use in other Courts.

Note: to view, fill-out, and print these forms, you need the free Adobe Reader.
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Contact Numbers

Court Main Number (480) 362-6315
Court Fax Number (480) 362-5732

Court Administration

Sondra P. Acedo, Court Administrator (480) 362-2705
Brian Garza, Assistant Court Administrator (480) 362-6376
Lynelle Trujillo, Court Executive Secretary (480) 362-6347