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Marcus and Noah Andrews participate in the Obstacle Course Challenge held at the Recreation football field on April 30.
Recreation Department Hosts Obstacle Course Challenge
By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

During a cloudy Saturday morning on the Recreation football field, staff from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Recreation Department and a few Community families attended the first Recreation Obstacle Course Challenge, April 30. The obstacle course presented a variety of physical challenges to the participants, including running through cones, making their way across the monkey bars, climbing through a net and finishing with a long slip-and-slide across the lawn.

“It went well; it was a great way to get families out having fun,” said Dashia Enos, recreation coordinator I. “We all brainstormed what type of obstacle we should do. We came up with a water theme. I’m sure going to use some ideas from this for future parties.”

Community member Helema Andrews and her family participated in the challenge, having fun, laughing and enjoying the weekend.

“Well, we were all geared up for competition, but you know how that played out. We had some expectation of water being involved, but not to the point of getting soaked from head to toe”!” said Andrews.

“Despite the clouds and wind, ’Marcus and Noah (Andrews’ sons) were more than happy to get wet. They had a lot of fun and have asked for a similar obstacle course for their upcoming birthday ’parties,” added Andrews.

The SRPMIC Recreation Department is considering having another Obstacle Course Challenge in the near future as the weather begins to heat up.

Sports & Health
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