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Colorado Rockies Host Baseball Clinic at SRES
By Sheila Begay
Au-Authm Action News

The Colorado Rockies visited Salt River Elementary School on Monday, February 29, giving the students a chance to get out of their classrooms and up onto their feet. Students and staff participated in a baseball clinic, where students could learn about the basics of baseball and healthy living.

“Every year, based on our relationship with the Community, we just want to come and give back and hang out with the kids. We always enjoy hanging out with them; we’ve gotten to know a lot of them and we’ve seen some of them grow up since we’ve been here. It’s also a great opportunity for our players to really engage in the Community,” said Dallas Davis, Colorado Rockies assistant director of community affairs.

“We wanted to create a Rockies baseball and fitness clinic. We worked with the school here and [P.E. teacher Wesley Filhart] to create some stations to get the kids moving around and give them some basic framework on fitness. [We also spoke of] some of the principles that we talk about in our organization,” added Davis.

“[I] and a lot of other teachers at this campus, we like to bring the outside world into the school just to expose the kids to as many good things as possible, and this is just one of them. I was talking with [Davis and] he said, ‘What about a baseball camp?’ and I said, ‘Absolutely, anything for the kids,’” said Filhart. “We made it happen, and you can see that the kids are just having a blast.”

As the assembly was underway, the classes visited fitness stations led by Major League Baseball players from the Colorado Rockies. The stations included various physical fitness challenges, and the most popular seemed to be the tug-of-war. Two classes faced off against each other, and school staff and the Rockies players also jumped in on the action.

“Our vision was to teach the kids about muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility. What’s cool is what they’re learning today is what they’re learning in P.E. When we had an assembly this morning and when [Davis] was explaining it, they knew it already. They were making the connections, which is really nice,” said Filhart.

“We’re excited to continue the relationship that we have with the Community,” said Davis. “The kids and everyone that has been a part of this have been great, and it’s an exciting time for us as well. Once the baseball season starts, the [players] play all the time, and it gets busy. Spring training is always a great time for us in Denver to come hang out and bring a positive message with us. I know the kids benefit from the players coming to hang out with them. I know the players and the organization enjoy it just as much.”

Barb Panizzo, SRES assistant principal, added, “Teaching the kids about [baseball] reiterates the importance of physical activity. We really try to promote wellness and health. But of course having the [Colorado Rockies] come here and be positive role models for the kids is the whole reason [why] we’re doing this.”

“This is also just a way to get the kids out of the classroom and get some good exercise and feel unity as a school. This is helping the kids feel a part of a school community, and this provides opportunities for them to get out and have some fun,” added Filhart.

For more information about the Colorado Rockies visit, call Salt River Elementary School at (480) 362-2400.

Sports & Health
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