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Left to right: Salt River Police Department Chief Patrick R. Melvin, Sgt. Travis Mathews, Records Bureau Manager Theresa Harney, Sgt. Jason Jones, Lt. Alfredo Castro, Lt. Walter Holloway and Assistant Chief Karl Auerbach.
Salt River Police Department Promotions
Submitted by Det. Ed Alameda
Public Information Officer, Salt River Police Department

On Friday, February 5, the Salt River Police Department (SRPD) held a Promotional Ceremony for five of the newest SRPD leaders: Records Bureau Manager Theresa Harney, FOD Lieutenant Alfredo Castro, CID Lieutenant Walter Holloway, FOD Adam Squad Sergeant Travis Mathews, and FOD Charlie Squad Sergeant Jason Jones.

The ceremony was held at the SRPD Osborn Road District Station. In attendance were about 50 guests, including Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community President Delbert Ray Sr., Vice-President Martin Harvier, Council Member Tom Largo, and Assistant Community Managers Carla Banuelos and Kent Andrews, as well as the families of the newly promoted supervisors, friends, SRPD co-workers, SRPD Chief Patrick R. Melvin, Assistant Chief Karl Auerbach and SRPD command staff.

The journey to achieving these promotions included many years of law-enforcement service and ultimately required that each of these five newly promoted leaders participate in a competitive assessment, challenging panel interview board and selection process. Each of these selected supervisors scored the highest in categories of leadership, abilities, skills, knowledge, training, education, experience, communications and community-based policing. This is the first time SRPD has recognized five promotions in one ceremony and the first time that the promotions included both sworn and civilian professional staff. Just last month, SRPD promoted two commanders (Cmdr. James Sutphen and Cmdr. Jonathan Gann) from a nationwide selection process.

President Ray and Vice-President Harvier addressed the newly promoted SRPD leaders, thanking them for their commitment, dedication and service keeping the people of the Community safe and encouraging their future careers.

“Once again, we are very excited about the growth and development of the Salt River Police Department and we are confident these professionals will ensure continued excellent service to the Community and play a critical role in the future of this organization, as well as the future of this Community,” said Chief Patrick R. Melvin.

Theresa Harney – SRPD Records Bureau Manager
Theresa Harney began working for the SRPD as a detention officer in 1993. She graduated from the Law Enforcement Municipal Detention Academy in Scottsdale. She served three years in this capacity before leaving to pursue her education in forensic science. After achieving a degree in evidence technology, she returned to the SRPD to serve as a crime scene specialist/property and evidence custodian from April 2003 to July 2009. In 2010, she became a full-time property and evidence custodian, in which capacity she has been serving for the past five years. Harney is a member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

Sgt. Travis Mathews – SRPD Sergeant

Sgt. Travis Mathews is a military veteran who began his career with the SRPD more than nine years ago. He started as a patrol officer and within two years became a member of the Traffic Enforcement Bureau. He is a member of the SRPD Honor Guard and recently helped represent the SRPD and SRPMIC at a special ceremony in Washington, D.C. He has provided training and instruction and participated in numerous Community presentations as a member of the Traffic Enforcement Bureau. Sgt. Mathews is the recipient of numerous awards related to his dedication and excellent service to the Community.

Sgt. Jason Jones – SRPD Sergeant
Sgt. Jason Jones has more than eight years of service with the SRPD. He has a bachelor’s degree from Western International University. He has more than 18 years of active military service as a member of the Arizona Army National Guard, where he holds the rank of first sergeant over an infantry regiment. His regiment has completed three overseas tours in the Middle East: two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. During his career with SRPD, Sgt. Jones has served as a patrol officer and field training officer, and in 2012 he became a member of the Traffic Enforcement Bureau. While serving as a motor officer, he attended numerous trainings in the area of advanced collision and homicide investigations. Sgt. Jones is also a member of the SRPD Special Operations Unit.

Lt. Walter Holloway – SRPD Lieutenant
Lt. Walter Holloway is an 11-year veteran of the SRPD. He has worked patrol, was a field training officer, and transferred to the Professional Standards Bureau as a background investigator and training coordinator. In 2012, Lt. Holloway was promoted to the Field Operations Division as a sergeant, and in 2013 he transferred back to the Professional Standards Bureau, where he was assigned to coordinate hiring, training, and off-duty and internal investigations. In April 2015 he was promoted to the position of acting lieutenant of the Criminal Investigation Division, where he supervised major crime investigations, property-crimes investigations, crimes against children and SORNA (Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act) divisions. Lt. Holloway is a member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

Lt. Alfred Castro - SRPD Lieutenant
Lt. Alfredo Castro has amassed more than 24 years in law enforcement since he started working as a deputy sheriff at the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office. In 1999, he started with the SRPD. He spent the early part of his career working in the Patrol Division, was a field training officer, and worked in the Criminal Investigations Division, Special Investigations Bureau, SRPD Special Operations Unit and the Professional Standards Bureau. Lt. Castro has received several awards recognizing his excellent service to the Community, including his community-based policing efforts. In 2007 he was promoted to sergeant and he is currently working as a patrol supervisor.

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