SRPD Reports
Pop With a Cop
By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Members of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community were able to meet Salt River police officers during the evening of July 16 at the Round House Café, located at the Two Waters Complex.

The Café was filled with a handful of available officers ready to socialize with the public, all while enjoying ice cream floats. Salt River Police Department Chief Patrick Melvin was also present to speak with visitors who stopped by. The SRPD staff also handed out promotional items and safety information.

“The event went really [well]; we almost ran out of ice cream,” said Det. Vicente Cendejas.

Pop With a Cop is an event designed to encourage public engagement with police officers in an informal setting designed to break down barriers.

“It allows us and the community we serve to discuss questions or concerns and learn more about each other,” said Det. Cendejas. “I personally enjoyed my time at Pop With A Cop; it allowed Community members and [me] to talk in a relaxed environment and let us all enjoy big cups of ice cream.”

Block Watch Captain Bernadine Hernandez presented the Salt River Police Department with a banner on behalf of the Block Watch with several cutouts and amazing quotes from Community members. Some of the comments were “Bless Our Police” and “Thank you for keeping the peace.”

SRPMIC Law Enforcement Commission member Leland Johnson also said a few words, thanking the officers for reaching out and attending the event and thanking the SRPD as a whole for their service.

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