Staff from Human Resources Departments from within the Community took part in the Human Resource Summit held at Courtyard Scottsdale-Salt River.
2015 Human Resources Summit
By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Human Resources Department held its sixth annual Human Resources Summit on October 30 at the Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River. Joining staff from SRPMIC Human Resources were members of other human resources departments throughout the Community, such as the Education Department, Casino Arizona, the Salt River Landfill and Salt River Materials Group.

The morning started with breakfast and a prayer from Council Member Michael Dallas, Sr. and a welcome from SRPMIC President Delbert Ray, Sr. and Vice-President Martin Harvier.

Introductions were made by emcee Steve Haydukovich, assistant human resources director. As an ice-breaker, Haydukovich asked the speakers to introduce themselves and also to share a memorable Halloween story or say which baseball team they were rooting for in the World Series.

Community Manager Bryan Meyers gave an update on Community news and projects, noting that the Justice Center is due for completion in the fall of 2016.

Meyers also shared that for fiscal year 2016 the Community has approved 13 new job positions and that the percentage of Community members as part of overall Community employment has increased over last year. He gave a presentation on human resources challenges, which include managing new talent, improving leadership development, managing an aging workforce, delivering on recruiting and staffing, and managing change. He spoke about 2016 human resources trends and insurance changes, and how many people dropped their health insurance plans because they couldn’t afford the high deductibles. He then talked about how there are almost 200 Community employees over the age of 61.

“I think our challenge today is to build on this HR collaboration,” said Meyers. “The more we work together, the stronger we become.” He also asked for the departments to come up with more innovative ideas and to become a strategic partner with senior leadership.

Opportunities were also discussed, such as the Community government developing a social media presence and how there will soon be a consultant for that project, which will take place over the next quarter. “I know it’s going to have its pros and cons, but to make it effective we are going to need to put out good content and stuff that is happening in real time,” said Meyers.

In other Community news, the Salt River Financial Services Institution will be moved under the government umbrella instead of functioning as a Community enterprise, as it was previously.

Following Meyers’ presentation, SRPMIC departments and enterprises shared information on some human resources programs that are working well for them.

First was a presentation on the Community employment internship program for higher education participants, given by Education Administrator Beca Ronstadt-Contreras from the Education Department and Community Employment Manager Crystal Banuelos from Human Resources.

Both Contreras and Banuelos discussed details of the program, who could qualify, as well as rules for the internship and the guidelines for government. The purpose of the employment internship program is to show the participants what it is like to work in their chosen field and give them a glimpse of what skills or qualifications they may need to acquire before pursuing a job.

Next, Rich Allen, CEO of the Salt River Landfill, discussed how he and his staff have breakfast meetings called “Breakfast Betterment.” He also shared staff success stories.

Wellness Program Supervisor Andy Weiler with WellPath discussed the Community’s employee wellness program, the success it has had throughout the years and the upcoming changes to look forward to. He encouraged employees to take part in WellPath. A kickoff event is scheduled for November 21; for more information, contact the Human Resources Department.

Throughout the afternoon, training took place with HR staff discussing topics such as training and development, employee recognition programs and workplace violence. At the end of the day there were some group activities and a roundup discussion of what took place at the summit.

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