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The Lady Eagles Softball Team finishes up another season 14-03.

SRHS Lady Eagles Softball Wraps up Season 

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Salt River High School’s Lady Eagles softball team had a quick season this year that paid off at the end. This year head coach Scott Cooper didn’t really know how many girls the team was going to have, so the team combined the junior high and high school girls and it turned out well.

“We had a total of 13 players come out and join the team, and for many of them it was their first time to play softball,” said Cooper.

The Lady Eagles finished with a record of 14-5. They made it to the state semifinals and also won the SRHS Softball Tournament, which the school hosts every year. Every practice day, the coach said, the girls were in the weight room, running bases and practicing after hours, which helped them out a lot.

“There were about three teams [that] were real good, but the [SRHS] girls were a good hitting team this year,” said Cooper. “We lost in the semifinals 16-8 against Foothills Academy, but we made it with two pitchers who pitched their first time this year.” Ariana Selina and Nicole Melendez were said to have done a great job for their first time pitching for the Lady Eagles.

“This was my first year playing, and I thought it was amazing,” said Jazmine Wolters, a junior. “We were able to play in the semifinals, and that was real cool.”
“We didn’t have as much ability this year, but the girls made sure they worked harder and even stayed after practices to work on their skills,” added Cooper.

“This is my second year playing, and it was pretty good. We are all like sisters and family and we stuck together. Our away games were pretty tough,” said eighth-grader Luz Jimenez-Hill.

“This is my third year playing, and it was good,” said eighth-grader Justine Cooper. “[I liked] our first games and our tournament because we were undefeated.”

Any interested girls who would like to participate on the Salt River Lady Eagles softball team and get a lot of playing time are welcome to visit Salt River High School.

SRHS Lady Eagles Softball Wraps up Season
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