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SRPMIC Diabetes Program 2015 Bench Press Competition
By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

On June 26, many Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community members and employees participated in the annual Bench Press Competition, which was presented by the SRPMIC Diabetes Program and held at the Salt River Fitness Center. On that afternoon, competitors, onlookers and supporters gathered around the bench press machines to watch the action.

Each contestant had three attempts to reach a maximum set on the day of the competition. There were seven weight categories, ranging from contestants weighing 158 lbs. to over 271 lbs. Both males and females over age 18 were able to show their strength that afternoon.

Some competitors warmed up as much as they could, while others did their best to relax until their turn came up. The 20 contestants, who included some members of the Fitness Center staff, gave it their all.
Vicente Cendejas, a detective with the Salt River Police Department, has participated in these competitions before.

For the last four years in a row I won first place in my weight class, lifting over 300 pounds every time, shared Cendejas. I think I do it because the competitive side in me wants to always push myself to the limit and do more than people say I can do for my size.

Cendejas said it takes a lot of personal commitment to train. Im in the gym three to four times a week, but the results are always worth it. I think thats why I like lifting.

As far as the source of his commitment, he added, No one is going to do it for me, and Im only going to get out of my effort what I put into it, said Cendejas. I enjoy [lifting] to relieve stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle for me, and more importantly my family.

The bench-press champions took home trophies presented to them by the Salt River Fitness Center staff.

Weight Categories: 158 lbs. and under
1.Braxton Ehle                          225 lbs.  
2.Delvin Duong                        200 lbs.

1.Shashani Marcus                 85 lbs.

Weight Categories: 159 lbs. to 179 lbs.
1.Ronald Roanhorse             250 lbs.
2.Amson Collins   

1.Amber Manuelito                  135 lbs.  
2.Andie Scabby                        130 lbs.
3.Shea Hinton                          120 lbs.

Weight Categories: 180  lbs. to 199 lbs.
1. Vincente Cendiejas             300 lbs.
2. Joseph Schurz                      250 lbs.
3. Dion Begay                            215 lbs.
4. Wayne Sekaquatewa          195 lbs.

Weight Categories: 200 lbs. to 220 lbs.
1. John Webster                        310 lbs.  
Weight Categories: 221 lbs. to 242 lbs.
1. Travis Cuch                           345 lbs.  
2. Carlos Leon                          260 lbs.                 

Weight Categories: 243 lbs. to 270 lbs.
1. Gabriel Scabby                     315 lbs.  

Weight Categories: 271 lbs. and over
1. Rob Miller                             225 lbs.  

1. Carol C.                                145 lbs.


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SRPMIC Diabetes Program 2015 Bench Press Competition