The Justice Center construction site is well underway; the subcontractors will begin installing footings in the basement area of building A and utility cross over work across Osborn Road.
SRPMIC Justice Center Construction Update
By Sheila Begay
Au-Authm Action News

The construction of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Justice Center is well under way. After the groundbreaking took place in February, much has happened behind the construction fence, leaving onlookers a bit curious.

According to Au’ Authum Ki Senior Project Manager Jose Lopez, Au’ Authum Ki and Kitchell Construction (AAK-KCI) received a phase 2 drawing permit set on June 15. Re-sequencing of construction activities was done in order for subcontractors to keep working in lieu of being pulled off the jobsite.

Construction Completed to Date

  • The concrete subcontractor began digging Building B footings instead of beginning at the basement of Building A.
  • After the concrete subcontractor completed digging footings, rebar was installed.
  • The structural steel subcontractor delivered anchor bolts and templates for the concrete subcontractor to install.
  • The concrete subcontractor was able to pour approximately 120-130 yards of concrete during the week of June 15.
  • The concrete subcontractor expected to complete the pouring of footings by the end July.
  • The electrical subcontractor continued installing underground electrical work.
  • The drywell subcontractor completed testing the drywell during the week of June 15.
  • The site utilities subcontractors installed the water line across Longmore Road and expected to complete the water line located on the north side by the end of July.
  • The site utilities subcontractor completed the plumbing realignment per RFI 045–Sewer Line Re-Alignment Response.

Upcoming Construction Activities

  • The architect will provide Architect Supplemental Information (ASI) for elevator and drawing log.
  • The concrete subcontractor will begin installing footings in the basement area of Building A.
  • The site utilities subcontractor will begin installing storm-drain piping between buildings A and B, as well as the utility crossover work across Osborn Road.
  • The electrician continues to install underground electrical work.

“The project is currently on track. The design has been completed, all of the contracts with the owners and subcontractors have been awarded, and we are on schedule to be completed late fall 2016,” said Lopez. “We are doing really well from the underground and we [started] vertical structural concrete walls during the week of July 20. All of the utilities in the underground have been completed for Building B, and right now we are working on Building A. So far the progress is excellent and we’re right on schedule.”

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