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Larry Cook, counselor at Mountain View High School, talks to families about graduation requirements and other educational topics during the Community Outreach Open House at the Salt River Community Building.

SRPMIC Education Department Hosts Community Outreach

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Parents and guardians of students attending Ishikawa Elementary, Stapley Junior High and Mountain View High School in the Mesa Public School system were invited to attend a Community Outreach event held at the Community Building on the evening of September 9. A handful of families stopped by the open house to obtain information regarding grades, student and parent online portals, attendance issues, graduation requirements, scholarships and overall parent involvement.

Staff from all three schools were present, along with Native American student liaisons from the district and school administrators.

Mountain View High counselor Larry Cook talked about how the students from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community get off the bus before 7 a.m. During that time they can go and talk with instructors in any classes where they may be falling behind to get one-on-one lessons before school starts an hour later.

“The outreach event went very well; parents and students all attended. This was the first time the Mesa Schools came together,” said Miranda Johnson, who serves as behavioral health and home liaison for the SRPMIC Education Department’s School and Community Relations program. “These schools are feeder schools to the high school and all are in the same boundary area. The parents were really excited when we handed out more information and applications for students on Community programs such as LEEP and Step Up Tutoring.”

LEEP is an after-school credit recovery program for high school students in the Community who may be falling behind in a class or two. It can be taken at the Accelerated Learning Academy campus at 1759 N. Longmore Road, located near the old elementary school in the Community. Step Up Tutoring is open to any public-school student in grades K-12 and is held on the Salt River High School campus.

“We were able to promote these positive programs here in the Community for families, and this event was a success,” said Johnson.
For more information regarding programs or other events hosted by the Education Department, contact Education Administration at (480) 362-2500.



SRPMIC Education Department Hosts Community Outreach
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