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Gailyn and Saleen Chantasingh Enos of Westwood High school.

Westwood Sisters Join Cheer and Pom Teams
By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Saleen Chantasingh Enos and her sister Gailyn both dreamed of being on the cheer team for Westwood High School. This year their dream has come true: Saleen, a senior, is on the varsity pom team, and her sister Gailyn, a sophomore, is on the junior varsity cheer team. It’s the first time for both girls being on the teams.

Pom requires some technical dance skills, while cheer usually requires dance, tumbling skills and stunting.

“I wanted to be in pom since I was a freshman and used my junior year to get ready for it. I tried out at the end of my junior year and made it,” said Saleen.

Like her older sister, Gailyn said she has always wanted to be in cheer, especially since she saw all the movies with cheerleaders. “Since my sister was in it, I also wanted to be on the team, and I made it,” she said.

The girls perform on a regular basis, getting everyone into the school spirit. “I like how we get to perform for our school in assemblies and at games and get to wear the cheer uniforms and show our Westwood colors,” said Saleen. “I also like that I get to be on the same spirit line as my little sister, and I’m happy to see her.”

Gailyn said she enjoys getting people hyped up. “And it’s fun,” she added.
“There are so many good things that come out of cheer,” said Saleen about inspiring others to make it a goal to join. “You are a positive example for other students and girls at the school, it [builds] good self-esteem, and it’s a lot of girls’ dream to be a cheerleader.”

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Westwood Sisters Join Cheer and Pom Teams
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