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Alec Pino of the Beeliners runs to second base while the pitcher figures out where to throw the ball during the game.

Kickball Season has Begun

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

This year the Recreation Department of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community is hosting two divisions in kickball. The younger division consists of kids ages 4 to 7, and the older division is for players ages 8 to 12. The games take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the Recreation Pop Warner field off McDowell Road.

This year there are 17 teams who have been playing back-to-back games. Many families are coming out to watch the youth, who are very competitive on the field, kicking their hardest or running toward the ball ready to catch it, no matter how fast it’s coming at them.

During one recent game, the enthusiasm was evident as players tried to get the ball in their possession to hit the other players before they could advance to first base. Many of the youth and adults cheered and laughed as everyone was having fun outdoors before scorching 100-degree temperatures get here.

“I like that this league is a positive extracurricular activity and also gets [kids] out of the house,” said parent Eric Garza, who was watching his children play. “This also keeps all the children out of trouble, gangs and drugs and keeps them busy with something to do.”

For more information on future leagues or events, contact the Recreation Department at (480) 362-6360.

Kickball Season has Begun
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