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(L to R)Delbert Ray III, Jose Rios-Meraz Jr., Joshua Goodwin, Jason James Jr., Thomas Garcia, Orlanthia Chase, Angelique Schurz, Jesus Salazar and Alondra Chase.

Salt River High School Wrestlers Make it to State

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

On February 14 and 15, wrestlers from Salt River High School participated in the Division IV State Wrestling Tournament. Five SRHS wrestlers qualified this year, two boys and three girls: Jesus Salazar at 138 lbs. and Delbert Ray III, heavyweight; and Orlanthia Chase at 182 lbs., Angelique Schurz at 196 lbs., and Alondra Chase at 220 lbs.

“It was the two smaller groups of schools which we were a part of,” said Na Humma, head coach of the wrestling team. “They all were first-year wrestlers with the exception of Jesus and Alondra, who have been to the state tournament [before].”

None of the students placed in the state tournament this year, but just getting there was a big accomplishment for the team, considering the number of beginners.

“They all did very well. Jesus did very well and made it to the consolation quarterfinals before he was knocked out by a wrestler from Bisbee,” said Humma. “But overall I think they did a good job.”

The regular season was done after the state tournament, but on March 1 the girls had the opportunity to attend the All-Girls Club Arizona State Wrestling Championships in Camp Verde. Orlanthia and Alondra Chase and Schurz all went.

The girls had a couple of matches at Camp Verde, and it was the first time they wrestled other girls. They usually are matched up with boys in their weight division.

This year there were 13 kids in the weight room, compared to last year where there were only two.

“Wrestling has been going good. It’s fun. I wish I would have started sooner and I look forward to winning a match,” said Schurz. “I was just a manager for the wrestling team and there was a day when we were short of people, so I just jumped in. Then I was a part of the team this year.”

Orlanthia Chase said her season went great and she is really enjoying herself.
Prior to the state tournament, Orlanthia Chase said, “We all have been training for the girls state and we are putting in a lot of work. It is very hard. I’m looking forward to seeing how many girls will be in my weight [division]. This is my first year; my older sister got me into it this year and I’m having a lot of fun.”

“The season was hard. I had to put in a lot of work to get to where I am now,” said Dakota Loring, who joined the team for the first time this year. “I like it and I look forward to wrestling some of the girls. Wherever I place, I know I deserve it because I am working hard at it.”

Senior Alondra Chase was a big help to the younger wrestlers this season.
“I am helping the girls a lot, and this year and there are finally some girls on the team. Last year I only wrestled with two girls throughout the whole season, and this year I got my sister on the team and I am working on toughening her up a bit,” she said, smiling. “It’s going to be a big change. I am hoping for a girl in my weight class. Last year I had to wrestle a girl who was the best out of three.”

Salt River placed fourth as a team, 12 points shy of bringing home the third-place trophy.

Alondra Chase – CHAMPION
Angelique Schurz – RUNNER-UP
Orlanthia Chase – CHAMPION
4th Place Tournament Team

Salt River High School Wrestlers Make it to State
Dino Puccetti Named Division IV, Section 4 Coach of the Year
SRHS Basketball Guard Ashley Lomavaya: First Team All Section
SRHS Basketball Guard John Hill: First Team All Section