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SRHS Boys Varsity Basketball Shootout

  By Dustin Hughes
  Au-Authm Action News

The round-robin tournament began on January 3, with the Eagles playing Ajo to start. They defeated the Red Raiders with a punishing 50-32 final score. Forward Isaiah Manuel led the team in points with 20 and 11 rebounds. Later on in the day, the Eagles faced a mediocre Tonopah Valley Phoenix team that somehow was able to slip away with a 35-52 win.


Understanding Food Labels

  By Sheila Begay
  Au-Authm Action News

When you’re out grocery shopping, are you one to turn the product over to view the food label? Or are you more attracted to what the front of the product has on display? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us do not know how to read a food label.
A food label is defined as “the wrapper on a food [item] within the United States that must contain nutritional information for use by the consumer according to a specified format and size.”