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Calling All Salt River Police Academy Alumni Graduates!

By Det. Vicente Cendejas

SRPD Public Information / Community Relations Officer

The Salt River Police Departments first Citizen Police Academy (CPA) was conducted in 2005. Since then we have had hundreds of successful graduates who has had an inside look at our practice as your local law enforcement. With so many graduates and information successfully shared SRPD is calling all graduates to contact us if you would like to be the first to be part of the Salt River Police Academy Alumni Association.

With being the first of the Alumni’s you will have first vote on your board members. Board members will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

A few things members of the Salt River Police Academy Alumni Association will promote is a better understanding and communication between the police department and the Community, assist staff with Citizen Police Classes, block party visits in support, participate in Police training scenarios, participate in SRPD and community fairs, assist injured officers, alumni member will receive ongoing education and many more exciting opportunities.

Everyone who has successfully completed the SRPD Citizen academy is eligible to be become part of this exclusive group of Alumni members. If you have graduated from CPA class, all you would need to do is fill out a new member Alumni registration form and turn it in to SRPD Administration. Applications will be available at Salt River PD Administration building 10137 East Osborn RD, Scottsdale AZ 85256.

The first Alumni meeting will be March 04 at 5 p.m. at the Indian School Police substation. (On the southwest corner of Center and Indian School Rd.)

For more information about joining the SRPD Citizen Police Alumni Association or attending Salt River Citizen’s Police Academy call or email Detective Vicente Cendejas at (480) 362-2714/

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Calling All Salt River Police Academy Alumni Graduates!
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