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Salt River Police Employee of the Month, Officer Eric Mitchell has been serving Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community since August 2004.

Salt River Police Employee of the Month!

By Det. Vicente Cendejas
Public Information/Community Relations Officer
Salt River Police Department

Salt River Police Department’s January Employee of the month is Officer Eric Mitchell.

Officer Eric Mitchell has been serving Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community since August 2004.

Officer E. Mitchell is currently working in the Field Operation Division. As many of you know there is no typical day for a Police Officer but some of his duties include: Patrol the Community, traffic control, prevent crime or disturbances of the peace. Makes arrests, cites or warnings criminal or traffic offenders according to severity and nature of the offense. Maintains familiarity of the Community, notes suspicious persons or activities and investigates. Responds to complaints or requests for assistance as necessary, conducts crime and accident investigations.

Renders first-aid at accident scenes as needed. Directs or re-routes traffic and crowds at scene of accident, fire or other disturbance. Provides assistance as back-up officer or detective on scene. Apprehends or assists in the apprehension of criminals and law breakers using discretion. Acts in public relations as required. Writes clear and complete reports. Prepares cases for court according to established legal procedures and testifies before court or grand jury, as required. Lastly, works with Community members to identify and eliminate root causes of crime and insuring a working relationship with the Community he serves.

In Officer Mitchell’s submission he was mentioned that “this guy has been burning up the area with multiple stolen vehicle recoveries, finding subjects in vehicles with guns, and locating subjects and suspects with long criminal records in and around the Community.” Additionally, Officer Mitchell was described as sharing his knowledge with his squad members and being a good role model for all of SRPD team.

Congratulations to Officer Mitchell for a job well done. SRPD is proud of your service, respect, professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to the Community.

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Salt River Police Employee of the Month!
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