Tiffany Erikson of Girl Scout Troop 2027 enjoyed frybread during her second year attending the cultural awareness event.

Salt River Girl Scouts: Mesa Service Unit Girl Scouts Experience the Ways of the O’odham/Piipaash

By Tasha Silverhorn
Au-Authm Action News

The Salt River Girl Scouts held their second annual Culture Awareness Event on Saturday, January 18, in the courtyard of the Two Waters Complex and at the Huhugam Ki Museum. The event was designed to help educate local Girl Scout troops outside of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community about Native American culture.

Almost 90 girls participated in this year’s event, and 12 of them were from the Salt River Girl Scouts, according to Teresa Masayesva, SRPMIC Recreation social program supervisor. “It was a better turnout over the 50 girls that came last year.”

The Salt River Girl Scouts started the Culture Awareness Event because it’s the only Native American unit of the Girl Scouts in the area. Four scout troops operate under the SRPMIC Recreation Department. The Girl Scouts had to receive approval from the local Girl Scout Council to host the event, and it was not only approved, but highly encouraged.

Each participant paid a $10 fee; all proceeds went to the Salt River Girl Scouts for their end-of-the-year trips. A part of the money also went toward a special Cultural Awareness Badge for the event, which each participating Girl Scout received.

“Last year’s badge was a Man in the Maze,” said Masayesva. “This year it will include the date, so when they continue to come for future culture awareness events they can have one for each year.”

The girls experienced gourd painting, tortilla making, storytelling, rock painting and making thumb pots in 15-minute station rotations. They also learned about the history of the Huhugam Ki Museum and how to bird dance. They were also treated to frybread, which was made by the Salt River Girl Scout moms.

The Salt River Girl Scouts would like to thank the SRPMIC Cultural Resources Department staff, Royce Manuel and the Huhugam Ki Museum for their voluntary services to the Cultural Awareness Event.

February is time for the Girl Scouts’ annual cookie sale! The Cookie Program helps girls develop skills in five areas: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. If you know a Salt River Girl Scout, please support her by purchasing a box of cookies. All proceeds will go to the Salt River Girl Scouts. Sales will be in full force during February and end on March 9.

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Salt River Girl Scouts: Mesa Service Unit Girl Scouts Experience the Ways of the O’odham/Piipaash
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