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The Salt River Lady Warriors stand outside a food booth at a Community while raising money for a tournament.

Lady Warriors: Las Vegas Halloween Hoopfest 2014 Champs

ByRichie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

The Salt River Lady Warriors, a newly established basketball team consisting of junior high girls, competed in several games and tournaments this season and reached their goal to compete in the Las Vegas Halloween Hoopfest.

The Lady Warriors were in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 25 and 26 to compete in the Halloween Hoopfest, meeting other competitive teams from the Las Vegas area, California and Arizona.

On October 25, the Lady Warriors won their first game on the bracket against Las Vegas Lady Heat by only 2 points. Later that day, they played against Vegas Elite, winning that game by only one point. By Sunday the team remained undefeated, winning their third game against the Las Vegas Knights by 20 points and then again defeating Lady Heat in the championship game by seven points.

“The girls were a bit nervous, as this was their first traveling tournament and they felt a little intimidated having to compete against some of Vegas’s best teams,” said Raina Thomas, mother of player Julianne Carlisle. “But they let their love of the game reign on the court and represented Arizona and their Native people well.”

The girls would like to thank their coaches, Shawn Lytle, Scott Cooper and Adam Rodriguez, for all the time and effort they put into practicing and training with the girls to improve their game. They would also like to thank Ephraim Sloan for the time he dedicates to the team with his basketball skills, training camps and for helping out at practices as well.

Vegas Tournament Team Roster
No. 21, Deja Acosta
No. 31, Julianne Carlisle
No. 1, Lynnyice Carlisle
No. 33, Justine Cooper
No. 12, Jada Golding
No. 30, Shyla Latone
No. 11, Maggie Makil
No. 23, Mariana Porter
No. 15, Shannon Thomas
Team members not participating: No. 3, Tia Cooper; No. 5, Aiyanna Rodriguez; No. 10, Shyann Heredia.


Lady Warriors: Las Vegas Halloween Hoopfest 2014 Champs
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