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Salt River Police Employee of the Month

Submitted by Det. Vicente Cendejas
Salt River Police Department

Salt River Police Department is honored to have two Employees of the month for February, Detective Dariusz Gruna and Dispatcher Caroline Terry.

Detective Gruna is currently working as a major crimes investigator. Detective Gruna has been described as having outstanding work ethic, can do attitude, selflessness and professionalism. His friends and coworkers say he is always willing to step up and assume responsibilities and extra tasks without ever hearing a complaint.

One of Detective Gruna’s supervisors Lt. Gann said “I have witnessed him processing and collecting evidence and he displays confidence, competence and efficiency with his job duties. I came into the office on a Sunday and “Caught” Det. Gruna working on his cases on his own time so he wouldn’t fall behind”. Detective Gruna supervisors have also received emails from the prosecution applauding his efforts for a job well done. Prosecutor Alane Breland has told Detective Gruna’s chain of command that he has a superior caliber of work, and he has a positive and accommodating attitude and the fact of the matter is, the level of performance by Detective Gruna is not limited to a single case, but is in fact illustrative of the skill, dedication, and professionalism that we always observe in Detective Gruna.

Caroline Terry is currently a Dispatcher for our Communications division. As a dispatcher Caroline is responsible for several different tasks such as but not limited to: talking on the radio, telephone, and imputing information on the computers, applying various procedures and codes; supports goals and objectives of the Police Department; and performs other duties as required.

Caroline is described as having a positive attitude, team player, selflessness and has a consistent ability to handle all aspects of her job Last month Caroline has covered shifts for others on leave and has sacrificed personal time with family to do so. On one occasion a team member called out sick, and she was kind enough to respond from Tucson to cover the shift. On January 22, 2014 she and another dispatcher were instrumental in providing up to date information received from Scottsdale Police Department to locate an elderly missing person with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Caroline is also very reliable for quick information and to answer any questions regarding both Police Department and Fire Department calls for service.

Congratulations to Detective Gruna and Dispatcher Caroline Terry for a job well done. SRPD is proud of your Service, Respect, Professionalism, Dedication and loyalty to the community by going above and beyond you’re your call of duty.

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Salt River Police Employee of the Month
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