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Lonely Cactus Resident Benita Martinez is given recognition for being a great tenate in her residence during the annual Resident Recognition Awards Banquet Held at Talking Stick Resort.

Fourth Annual SRPMIC Resident Recognition Banquet

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Families throughout the six housing divisions of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community were honored and recognized on the evening of Monday, March 24, at Talking Stick Resort. The purpose of the awards banquet was to recognize and honor the homeowners who have abided by rules and completed certain criteria requested by the Housing Division as far as passing bi-annual home inspections, getting their recertification, paying their bills on time and being responsible renters overall.

SRPMIC Council Member Deanna Scabby gave the invocation and welcome to the banquet, saying she was very proud to see the accomplishments of many of the families.

“It’s an honor to be here with you. I know what it is like—I used to live in VAII many years back, and I know what it’s like to have to live by the rules and to make sure you have had this and that done to meet your Housing requirements,” said Scabby before going into a prayer.

The guest speaker for the evening was President Diane Enos. “The Community has decided to transfer the Housing Division throughout the tribal government, and I want to thank the staff for doing a great job in making the transition. Council is very excited about helping the Housing Division now that they have it under the government,” said Enos.

“We look back many centuries ago to how we lived in this environment, and many lived without air-conditioning and/or without electricity. We adapted to the summer heat and the coldness of the winters, and we did things in our homes to make it livable,” explained Enos.

“In 2014, we have so many opportunities because times have changed. We can have affordable housing for our people, make comfortable and safe housing for our people. So I think it is a really good celebration [about] where we are now in the Community,” continued Enos.

Enos also talked about building in the adobe style and how this was considered for many years and now it is starting to become a possibility for the Community, looking at ways to accommodate starter homes or one- or two-bedroom homes.
“Everyone wants a place in this world where they feel safe, protected and able to raise a family, and that is what we hope to be able to help you do,” said Enos.

Each neighborhood was recognized: Lonely Cactus, VAII, Dobson Heights, Red Mountain Vista, Canalside and Evergreen Estates.

Fourth Annual SRPMIC Resident Recognition Banquet
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