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CC Yoga teaches their participants balance, breath and healthy movement.

Fitness Volunteers Help Keep SRPMIC in Shape: Part III

By Sheila Begay
Au-Authm Action News

After the previous two articles in Au-Authm Action News profiling volunteer instructors at the Salt River Fitness Center, you’re probably familiar with most of the staff instructors, trainers and volunteer instructors by now. Every month the Diabetes Program hosts group exercise classes for Community members and SRPMIC employees at no cost. Volunteers play a huge role in this, willingly taking time out of their day to help individuals working out at the Fitness Center, whether it’s with Zumba, spinning or yoga.

Each volunteer instructor sets different goals for their participants, has different ways of encouraging and motivating, and has a compelling story behind why they choose to spend their time at the Salt River Fitness Center.

The Fitness Center currently has six volunteers: Clifford Lopez, Beverly Stanley, Ernestine “Annie” Deer, Robin Mowers, Skyler “Sky” Martinez and Joey Jimenez. The fitness center also has a group, Conscious Community Yoga (CC Yoga), that meets once a week. In this article, the final in the series of three, meet spinning instructor Beverly Stanley, Zumba instructor Robin Mowers, and the founder of the CC Yoga group.

Beverly Stanley, a member of the Hopi Tribe and an SRPMIC employee, has been volunteering for about five months now. She is a certified spinning instructor who enjoys running and biking. She competes regularly in events across the Valley.

When asked why she chose to volunteer, Stanley answered, “I’ve always wanted to give back. The Fitness Center and staff there are really great people, and they really do give a lot. I’ve gained so much from them. Anything to give back to them, I am happy to do. I’ve always enjoyed spinning.”

Stanley also mentioned, “My goals are to motivate others to try something different and come to a class. Hopefully [my students] enjoy the class and get a good workout. I always love it when people keep coming back. Sometimes it gets pretty intense, and [perhaps] it’s a hard class, [yet] they come back; it’s really motivating.”

Robin Mowers, also an SRPMIC employee, has been volunteering at the Fitness Center as a Zumba instructor for about five years. Mowers first introduced Zumba to the Community in 2009, and since then this fusion of aerobic moves and Latin dance rhythms has become very popular.

Mowers said, “Staying strong and healthy [is one of my goals] because I have a five-year-old daughter and I want to keep up with her.” Mowers has lost 30 pounds, so regular exercise helps her maintain her weight. “I also want to help [my participants] reach their goals, whether they’re in maintenance mode or they want to lose a hundred pounds. Whatever it is they want to do, I want to help them, encourage them and motivate them.

“I love coming [to the Fitness Center] to see the smiles on everyone’s faces, and [I’ve enjoyed] seeing everyone blossom the way that they have over the years. Come see all the instructors and have fun!” Mowers added.

Conscious Community Yoga (CC Yoga) is an organization with a team of yoga instructors who have been leading groups in yoga at the Salt River LARC program, the Department of Corrections and now the Fitness Center. CC Yoga has been offered at the Fitness Center for only about a month, and it is gaining more participants with each class.

Christy Burnette, executive director and founder of CC Yoga, said, “The premise of what we do is bring health and awareness through movement, whether it be [through] yoga, tai chi or Zumba. The yoga that we teach here is hatha yoga. It works with balance, breath and healthy movement. We are using it here to support other activities that people like to do here at the Fitness Center.”

Each volunteer or group of volunteers at the Fitness Center helps participants to stay active, learn to make healthier choices and tackle their fitness goals. Thanks to all of these volunteers, the Community is growing healthier, one person at a time.

Come out and join the fun; each instructor and class is different. Remember, being healthy and fit is the new trend today!
For more information about exercise classes, call the Salt River Fitness Center at (480) 362-7320.

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Fitness Volunteers Help Keep SRPMIC in Shape: Part III

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