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President Obama smiles as the crowd sings him Happy Birthday.

President Obama Visits Desert Vista High School

By Sheila Begay
Au-Authm Action News

On Tuesday, August 6, President Barack Obama arrived in Arizona to shed light on his plans for our nation’s economic recovery. He made a quick stop at Erickson Construction in Chandler before heading to Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, where he delivered a speech on the housing market and the middle class.

“Thanks to the grit and resilience of the American people, we’ve cleared away the rubble from the financial crisis and begun to lay a new foundation for stronger, more durable economic growth,” said Obama. “A home is supposed to be our ultimate evidence that in America, hard work pays off, and responsibility is rewarded.”

The crowd nodded in agreement, and the seniors of Desert Vista High School cheered on Obama, even singing “Happy Birthday” to him, as he elaborated on his ideas for homeownership and the housing market.

“If we take the steps I put forward today, then I know we will restore not just our home values, but our common values. We’ll make owning a home a symbol of responsibility and a source of security for generations to come, just like it was for my grandparents, and just like I want it to be for our grandchildren,” added Obama. “More will know the joy of etching a child’s height into the door of their new home.”

Tribal leaders and representatives from all over Arizona were also in attendance. The representatives from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community were Council Representative Deanna Scabby and Council Representative Lorna Ray.

“[Homeownership] is something that we need to teach our youth now,” Scabby said in response to the president’s remarks. “Take care of what you have, be grateful for [everything]. A home is everything; it’s a nucleus to families, traditions, hopes and dreams. A home is not just a home; it’s more than that.”

Ray said, “How do you teach [homeowners] to take care of [their homes, and] to maintain it? The generations to come need to learn how to be responsible. Teach your kids responsible housing.”

The Salt River Financial Services Institution provides the Community with one-stop lending and financial-education services. If you have any questions about homeownership, financial services or education services, call (480) 850-5460.

President Obama Visits Desert Vista High School
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