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Dinger, the Colorado Rockies mascot, visits Salt River Elementary School to promote staying in school.

Salt River Elementary School Fun Run with Rockies

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Right after a day of both rain and snow within the Community children at the Salt River Elementary prepare for their annual fun run February 21 at the elementary school.

As youth walked out to the basketball courts they notices giant Colorado Rockies posters hanging up around the basketball court as well as a projector screen. Once on the court classes and their instructors stared their stretching techniques and relaxation before each class raced each other in the 1.2 mile fun run.

Representatives from the Rockies were present and as each class ran Colorado Rockies mascot Dinger was also on site encouraging the students to run. Along with Dinger was the Salt River High school Eagles mascot.

Heart of the Rockies Fun Run was the theme as children wore purple shirts with the theme printed on them which promoted living a healthy lifestyle.

Once the youth returned Rockies representative Dallas Davis talked about the benefits of staying in school. A short film was also played for all the students that featured Rockies Mascot Dinger. The film and representative both went over the dangers of doing drugs and the positive message of staying in school.

“The Fun Run was a big success for the Salt River Elementary School,” said Wes Filhart SRES physical education instructor. The Rockies came out and talked with the kids about staying off drugs, staying in school and as well as being involved in something positive.” Dinger was out on the fun run encouraging and motivating the children as they ran said Filhart.

“We look forward to having the Rockies come back next year to our fun run,” said the instructor.

A door decorating contest was held during the fun run rally and the winner was Ms. Dawn Meyers’s kindergarten classroom.

“It was a wonderful event for the Colorado Rockies and great opportunity for us to come and visit with the Salt River Elementary School,” said Jim Kellogg Vice President of Community and Retail Operations of the Colorado Rockies.
Other representatives that were present were Jim Kellogg and Brady O’Neil.

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