The Salt River Community Housing Division board of directors presents a plaque to Miracle House Foundation founding member and Au-Authum Ki, Inc. owner Margaret Rodriguez to express appreciation for her services to the Community.

Housing Board Honors Miracle House Foundation

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

At their meeting on February 14, the board of directors of the Salt River Community Housing Division surprised Margaret Rodriguez, owner of construction company Au’ Authum Ki, Inc., by presenting her with a plaque to recognize her for her contributions to the Community. Rodriguez is an enrolled member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

The Miracle House Foundation recently provided the Community Housing Division with a $172,000 grant to fund energy-efficient appliance upgrades for 30 families in the Canalside subdivision. The residents received washers, dryers, ranges and refrigerators, as well as upgraded bathroom ventilation fans.

When Rodriguez started Au’ Authum Ki, she promised herself that if the company became successful, she would find ways to give back. And she has done just that. In 2002, she saw the need for home repair and replacement on the Community and realized this would be one way she could to give back to Salt River. So she started the Miracle House Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for home repairs, appliances, window treatments, and even new-home construction for homeowners on the Community who are elders or have disabilities. The Foundation works with the SRPMIC Senior Home Repair and Replacement Program (SHRRP) to ensure a basic standard of living for residents.

The grant not only affects the Canalside residents, but it also has a ripple effect. Now the Community Housing Division can use the funds that would have gone to the Canalside upgrades for additional projects in other subdivisions, which will benefit all residents.

“I always said that I would do something to give back to the Community as soon as I had some success,” said Rodriquez. “At first it started off slow, and we were able to help out one home. But with our golf tournament, which takes place every year, we are now able to help out every year with the Housing Division, SHRRP program and Salt River Financial Services Institution.

“We are small, and not many [people] know of us, but we are always happy to be of service and give back,” added Rodriquez. “I was very happy to work with Housing this last year.”

The Salt River Community Housing Department would like to extend a thank-you to the Miracle House Foundation and Margaret Rodriguez for their gracious contributions to the Community.

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