Tutor Eric Barton helps fifth- and sixth-graders Matthew Primeaux, Sommer Lopez and Levi Josay work on building their robots and programming them so they can move.

S.T.E.P. Up Summer Enrichment Program Keeps Young Minds Fresh

By Tasha Silverhorn
Au-Authm Action News

The Salt River Education Department’s S.T.E.P Up Tutoring Summer Enrichment Program is keeping young students minds refreshed this summer. Students from grades K-6 continued to learn math, reading, and science during their time with the program, but they also had the opportunity to have fun while learning as well. Each class focused their learning with different themes such as robots, Greek mythology, and Hawaii.

The third grade class works on refreshing their brains with math, reading, and science. They also worked on fun activities such as arts and crafts during their second week of the program they had Hawaiian themed projects, where they made leis made out of paper flowers.

“It’s kind of like a summer school but it’s more like to keep them refreshed so they are ready to move on their next grade in the fall,” said Tutor Cheyenne Roanhorse.

One fourth grade class worked on Greek mythology, following the story of the Golden Fleece, throughout the story there were objectives the characters had to go through and one was dealing with volcanos. The students were able to make their own volcanoes and figure out how to make it erupt. The students used household items such as dish soap, Mentos, soda, and more to make the volcano erupt.

The fifth and sixth graders started out the program under the Junior Ace at Scottsdale Community College during the first week of the S.T.E.P Up Tutoring Program. During the week of June 10 the students moved over to the Salt River High School to complete the next three weeks of the S.T.E.P Up Tutoring Program. Students in these grades were combined and worked on building robots using math and science skills to control the robots.

“They are building a five minute robot, it’s one of the simplest things they can do. Afterwards they are going to get on the computer and start programing the robot; we are going to do a challenge where we are going to program the robot and how to get it to the wall from a starting point in the middle of the room,” said Lead Tutor, Leander Curley. “They will measure out the circumference of the tire and see how much it would take to make it reach the wall.”

“I am building a machine, we are going to control it,” said Ethan Waters, about the robot he was working on.

The fifth and sixth graders will finish up the wall challenge this week, next week they will start building dragsters.

“It should be fun, we are thinking of having a bracket and see who comes on top,” said Curley.

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S.T.E.P. Up Summer Enrichment Program Keeps Young Minds Fresh