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Richie Marez, Mahki Marcus, Lorenzo Ruiz and Marcelino Martinez receive participation certificates.

Salt River High School Athletic Banquet

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

As the school year came to a close, Salt River High School held the 2012-13 Athletics Banquet on May 7 for all the students who participated in school sports throughout the year. Students in more than 20 sports categories were recognized, and more than 200 awards were presented.

The first to be acknowledged were players on the junior high and high school volleyball teams.

Next on the program was Brandon Tauscher, head coach of the Salt River Eagles football team, who spoke about the team and noted that many of the players improved over the course of the season.

“This year the Eagles football team was a rushing team on all levels,” said Tauscher. The players all received participation certificates and letters. The Most Valuable Player award went to Daniel Lopez. “Lopez was able to rush 1,300 yards,” said Tauscher. Other players who received medals were Lorenzo Ruiz, for Most Improved Player, and Calvin Maynard, for the Coaches’ Award.

For the junior high and high school cross country teams, seventh-grader Sheila Ramirez received the Most Improved award for the girls team. Lakota Scabby, also a seventh-grader, received the Most Improved award for the boys junior high team. Denton Miguel, an eighth-grader, received the Coaches’ Award for never complaining, training hard and often doing the high school workouts, according to Head Coach Simon Smith.

Smith thanked all the parents for supporting the young runners and “getting up early on all those Saturday mornings” to drop off their children so they could go run.

“I would also like to say thank you to our young runners for doing the very difficult and challenging sport of cross country,” said Smith. “It takes all strengths—mental, spiritual, emotional and physical—to be a long-distance runner. They are upholding our ancient custom of Native American running, and they are doing something awesome that our ancestors did. They brought that to Salt River High School this year.”

The members of the wrestling team received praise for making it through the whole season with two dedicated wrestlers in the high school division.

“In Arizona wrestling is mostly a boys sport, but here in Salt River there have been many girls who have tried and participated in the sport,” said Na Humma, head coach of the wrestling team.

“We have never had a girl in the upper weight class who has made it to the top four and qualified for the state championship,” said Humma about Salt River High School junior Alondra Chase. Chase is the first female wrestler to bring the championship trophy home. She also received the team’s Most Valuable Player award.

Players on the junior high basketball team were recognized for their participation. The Coaches’ Award went to Melvin Tso for being an inside/outside player and Zack Joe for being a speedy player. “Sometimes he was a little too fast and we had to tell him to slow it down,” said their coach, Robert Shreves.

The high school girls basketball team was honored for a season in which they advanced to the state championship game and brought another championship trophy home to Salt River High School. As the girls stood on the stage to be recognized, Head Coach Scott Cooper complimented them on their win and their academic improvements throughout the season.

The high school track team recognized senior Daniel Lopez, who made the top 50 in the state.

The cheer team was thanked for showing their support at the games throughout the year. Deja Acosta, Rachel Cooper, Kishan Cooper, Isabella Dockerty, Alaza Loring, Jayshariee Nodman, Mary P. Taylor, Prairie Snow Ramirez and Loriann Zambrano were all recognized for participating in both fall and winter cheer.

Players on the Salt River Lady Eagles softball team were acknowledged for their efforts in making it to the AIA state championship. “I want to thank the team and everyone who came out to support us,” said Head Coach Scott Cooper. The team made it to the second round of games for the AIA state championship.

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