Carol Padro, Merle Washington and Pamela Garcia reminisce as they look at the wall of photos that honors elders from Lehi.

Scottsdale Community College Interior Design Program Renovates Lehi Senior Lounge

By Tasha Silverhorn
Au-Authm Action News

The Scottsdale Community College (SCC) Interior Design Program, the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Public Works Department, and SRPMIC Senior Services worked jointly to give the Lehi Community seniors a new, updated lounge at the Lehi Community Building. During the Senior Breakfast on Wednesday, May 8, the doors were opened to the newly remodeled space.
Public Works Director Kirk Beaty gave an overview of the project to all the seniors in attendance at the breakfast.

“The remodeled Senior Lounge project started back in January,” said Beaty. “I was contacted by Normalinda Enas Sidney [a SIS/CADD operator for Public Works and a Scottsdale Community College student] back in January. She let me know the interior design group at SCC was looking for a project for their classes, and [she] wanted to know if we would be interested in giving them an opportunity to do an interior design project in the Community. After talking to Administration, I reached out to Senior Services Director Tamara Luckett to do something for the seniors, and we decided the Lehi senior lounge would be the perfect opportunity to do this project.”

The SCC interior design students first met with the seniors to get their input on what their wants and needs were for the new lounge. Student Ronda Glover’s design was judged by the seniors as their favorite. With the design concept in place, Glover, along with her fellow design students, sat down with the Lehi seniors and showed them her design, suggested color schemes, and furniture placements that fit everyone’s needs. This opportunity gave them [students] a chance to tackle a real-life project, working with a client and handling deadlines.

“Our students do projects on paper, but to actually go in and paint and choose the furniture and all the things that need to be done was a great experience for them,” said Gera King, student advisor for the SCC Interior Design Program.

Before the new lounge was unveiled at the breakfast, a prayer and blessing were given by Michael Dallas, assistant of Transportation for Senior Services. Following the prayer, the doors were opened and the seniors were able to take a look at the newly renovated lounge space.

Seniors Carol Padro and Merle Washington agreed that it was nice; both like that there is more room to sew and bead.

“Before, it was crowded. This is nice; I like this,” said Padro.
One feature of the new design is a wall of photographs of Lehi elders.
“It’s really nice to have the pictures, and especially to see the ones who have gone before us, like Kenny Smith. He was here when we dedicated this room when it first opened, and he was very instrumental [in it]; he donated some of his own money to get this lounge started,” explained Senior Services Supervisor Pamela Garcia.

Beaty said that Public Works hopes to work with SCC again next year to remodel the Salt River Senior Lounge.


Lehi Senior Lounge Renovation Project Members

The Lehi seniors gave handmade necklaces as gifts of appreciation to all those who were involved in the project.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Kirk Beaty, director, Public Works
Normalinda Enos Sidney, SIS/CADD operator, Public Works
Public Works staff
Senior Services staff
IT staff
Cultural Resources staff

Scottsdale Community College
Daniel Core, Vice-President
Gera King, Student Advisor
Chuck Cooper, Department Chair, Interior Design Program
Paige Bracken, student, Interior Design Program
Ronda Glover, student, Interior Design Program

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