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Mavi Leonard catches the ball for his team during the kickball league.

Salt River Adult Kickball League Ends Season

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

What better way to close the spring season than with the championship game of the Adult Kickball League, before record temperatures started showing up?

The league came to an end on June 24. Twelve teams participated in the month-long league, hosted by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Recreation Department at the Salt River Ball Field. The season saw 11 games (and two games at one time), played during the evenings, with players ages 18 and older.

“The kickball league was awesome,” said Kasheen Walker, who participated in the games. “The last three games for the team I was playing on were the most intense for me, because we played three back-to-back games. It was also great exercise.”

“The games were really fun, and finally there was something exciting to look forward to on a Monday,” said Kasey Kauakahi. “My team (Swift Kick In The Grass) was awesome; we had Vickie and Kent Andrews, Martha Ludlow-Martinez, Keith Andrews, Helema Andrews, Kelly Washington, Paula Williams, Mavi and Alyssa Leonard, Shane Anton, Sara Gould, Dawn Sinoqui, Doran Dalton, Blessing McAnlis-Vasquez and myself. It was great just being out there with friends and having a fun time in the spirit of friendly competition.”

Kickballerz player Davonna Gates played to have fun and exercise; enjoying her team and the games she looks forward to playing again next year.

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Salt River Adult Kickball League Ends Season

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