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Shea Hinton, Sr. Behavioral Health Counselor participates in an Strength and Muscle Endurance Competition at the Salt River Fitness Center.

SRPMIC Members and Employees Take Their Fitness Goals to New Heights

By Sheila Begay
Au-Authm Action News

On Thursday, June 13, the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Diabetes Program held its annual Bench Press Competition along with a Strength and Muscle Endurance Competition. SRPMIC Community members and employees were able to participate. Those who competed were able to test their physical and mental abilities.

The Strength and Muscle Endurance Competition had 15 entrants. The competition included the following exercises, done at full maximum effort for one minute with one-minute rest periods: squats, with an added 40 percent of your body weight; push-ups (can be modified for women); pull-ups, as many as you can do (not timed); a 300-yard shuttle run; planks, holding for as long as you can (not timed); broad jump, three attempts (you should be able to jump your height); and lastly, a 1-mile run for time.

Shea Hinton, a SRPMIC employee who participated, stated, “My overall fitness goal was to lose weight. But, when my body fat went down, my goals changed. Now I’m looking at my body fat, cholesterol and changing my diet. I increased veggies and fruits, and stay away from fast food. I still struggle. I have family members who struggle with diabetes, and I don’t want to go through all of that. I want to live a long, [healthy] life.” Hinton did a great job with her strength and endurance test.

Since 1995, the Bench Press Competition has been held annually. This year’s competition attracted 19 contestants, seven of whom were Community members and one who is a woman. Competitors were divided into seven different weight classes, and each had three attempts to reach their maximum lift.

This event gives competitors the chance to surpass last year’s numbers. All bench press winners took home a trophy.

Amber Manuelito won the women’s weight class division, 180-199 lbs., with a maximum lift of 135 lbs.

“We always look forward to this competition,” said Vicente Cendejas, an officer with the Salt River Police Department.

Dion Begay, physical fitness specialist at the Salt River Fitness Center, said, “Set a goal—don’t just say, ‘I want to lose weight.’ Test your strength and mental abilities. [Earn] your bragging rights and pride.”

Bench Press Competition Results
Here are the winners in the men’s weight class divisions, with their maximum lift:

Weight Class Winner, Max. Lift
271 lbs.+ Rodman J. Lasley, 405 lbs.
243-270 lbs. Lawrence Stirpe, 435 lbs.
221-242 lbs. Keola Kalama, 405 lbs.
200-220 lbs. Shamus McKoy, 340 lbs.
180-199 lbs. Anthony Hogan, 295 lbs.
159-179 lbs. Vicente Cendejas, 305 lbs.
Under 158 lbs. Dustin Massey, 205 lbs.

The SRPMIC Diabetes Program is trying to make these competitions happen on a biannual basis. This would give Community members and employees the chance to see more improvement, all while keeping SRPMIC fit and healthy.
For questions about future events, or if you would like to make a change with your health and fitness, call the Salt River Fitness Center at (480) 362-5539.

SRPMIC Members and Employees Take Their Fitness Goals to New Heights
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