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Monstars look for an open player while George Lee of Boys & Girls Club blocks the pass.

Adult Co-ed Employee Basketball Tournament

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Recreation Department hosted a co-ed employee basketball tournament January 24-26 at the Pi-Copa Gym.

The fourth-place game was intense, with team Vultron from Public Works and other departments in the tribal government placing in the tournament and team Monstars from the Education Department moving on to the third round. Monstars played against the Boys & Girls Club, and in the first quarter both teams scored back to back. Showing a lot of energy during the game, the Monstars did not slow down their pace.

George Lee of the Boys & Girls Club scored multiple baskets for his team, but as the game got closer to the end, teams struggled to pass the ball. “We played hard. We missed a couple of free-throws, but it was still a good game,” said Lee.

With only 2.2 seconds left, Jeff Johnson of Monstars made a final 3-point shot to win the game 53-52. The Boys & Girls Club finished in third place. The Monstars moved up to the championship game against Step Brothers, a team made up of different staff members throughout Community departments.

By the end of the championship game, the Monstars began to get tired and their play slowed down. That gave Step Brothers the chance to take over; they scored 47 points, winning the championship. With a score of 38, the Monstars finished as tournament runners-up.

Champions: Step Brothers
Runners-up: Monstars
Third Place: Boys & Girls Club
Fourth Place: Vultron

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