Human Resource Office Manager, Georgene Enas retires after 32 years of service.

Longtime Human Resources Employee Georgene Enas Retires

By Tasha Silverhorn
Au-Authm Action News

Many tribal employees stood in line in the lobby of Two Waters Building B on Friday, January 18 to say their goodbyes and offer well wishes to longtime Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community employee Georgene “George” Enas, who is retiring after 32 years of service. Enas was office manager in the Human Resources Department.

During the small reception held in her honor, which included gifts and treats, Enas said farewell to her many co-workers and friends she has made over the years. There were many hugs and tears as people expressed their appreciation for her service and help over the years.

“When I think of HR, I think of Robin and George; they are the first that come to mind,” said SRPMIC Recreation Department Director and longtime friend Vickie Andrews. “I worked with her for 32 years, and she has helped us with everything.

When the tribe [switched from typewriters to computers] we were always calling George, and she would navigate us through all of the steps; she [has] just always been there for us with everything. I will miss her when I have a question or concern, [because] she won’t be there when we call upon her. I am keeping her in my prayers and I hope for the best for her.”

“It’s kind of hard, it was so long ago when Georgene [and I met],” explained Cecilia Nash. “We came to work together at HR. George is a go-getter. She had a lot of work experience; [for example,] her typing skills were excellent during the time when we weren’t used to computers, just typewriters. She was very fast at typing. I am going to miss her friendship here at work. It will always continue and she will always be George. I wish her the best. I am going to miss George working here [and] seeing her smile here every day.”

Enas’ daughter, Macelyn Enas, remembers when her mom would bring her and her brother to work, and Macelyn would always help her mom file.

“That’s how I learned how to get organized. It also helped me be a better worker when I started working,” said Macelyn Enas. “I know she is going to miss coming here every day, seeing everyone and her friends that she has created throughout her time here. It was her second home here. She loved this job. Everything she did was to help anyone in any way, [and] she didn’t mind it one bit. She would always take everyone under her wing, and her secretaries were like her daughters too, so she really cared for everyone.”

“I enjoyed my stay here at HR. It’s hard for me to leave. I will always remember everyone from the past and present,” said Georgene Enas. “But it’s my time to move on. I will cherish all my memories here.”

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Longtime Human Resources Employee Georgene Enas Retires
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