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SRPD Newest Addition to the Team

By SRPD Community Relations
Au-Authm Action News

There is a new addition to SRPD family, K9 Officer Redd. K9 Officer Redd will be partnering with veteran K9 Officer Hunter who has been with SRPD for 10 years, that’s 63 years in dog years. K9 Officer Redd’s handler will be Officer D. Garcia who has been with SRPD for 16 years. Wow, that’s 112 years in dog years!!!

Officer Redd is a German Shepherd imported from Germany. Officer Redd came from one of the world’s best breeding homes for Law Enforcement service dogs. Officer Redd is well balanced, driven, and dedicated with a solid temperament and grace that surpasses the highest breed for German Shepherds.

He will have several skills which includes building searches, handler and officer protection, searching for narcotics in large or small areas, crowd control, tracking fleeing persons and locating missing person.

Along with his skill base K9 Officer Redd will possess a natural gift which is his nose. K9 Officer Redd’s sense of smell is about 100 times stronger than any officer or human. This allows him to distinguish between individual odors. K9 Officer Redd can follow and track an odor and ignore all other smells without distraction.

I have been told that K9 Officer Redd’s nose is so strong that when he walks into a residence, he can smell the wonderful smell of fry bread cooking along with all ingredients used.

After 320 hours of contestant training K9 Officer Redd will be working full duty in our community. So if you see K9 Officer Redd please don’t hesitate to ask “what’s up dog” and maybe he will give you a “paw”.

SRPD Reports
SRPD Newest Addition to the Team
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