The empty lot located North of the Two Waters-Building A will soon be home to a new court building.

New Court Building Coming to SRPMIC

By Sheila Begay
Au-Authm Action News

I’m sure you’ve wondered when the construction will break way for the new court building. North of the Two Waters Building A on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) Government complex, is an empty lot. SRPMIC Engineering Construction Services has plans to transform this dirt lot into a Court Building, with approximately 90,000 square feet of upgrade.

The current court house was built in the early 1990’s and is about 24,000 square feet. The new upgraded facility, also known as the Justice Center or Justice Services, will also be home for not only Courts, but the Legal Services Department, the Defense Services Department and the Prosecutors Department as well. The office spaces will be in two separate buildings, but will be part of the same project.

Currently, the court project is in the Schematic Design Phase. In case you’re not familiar with the building design phases, you typically have three phases; Phase One- the schematic phase is a preliminary phase. It shows basic information on what the building is going to look like and where it’s going to be. Phase two- the design development phase is a phase where you will see more detail in the entire plan. Phase three- the construction drawing phase is a phase where a contractor would be able to build the project with provided information. Sufficient detail for a contractor is provided, the contractor will know what to build it with and exactly where it will be built.

“Hopefully we’ll start in the second phase within the next few weeks. We’re anticipating to have the construction drawings by the end of the year, construction to start Spring of 2014 and a move-in in late summer/fall of 2015. This will be approxiamatley a 14-18 month construction period,” said Daniel Angulo, Senior Construction Manager.

Two of the major improvements will be Space and Security. The current court house does not have the space to adequately manage the normal operation.

Angulo stated “The court rooms are small and not set-up properly. It’s not very efficient, and it’s not allowing the court house to function like it should be.”

The current court house was also built without an emphasis on security. “That’s one thing this new building is going to have, better security features. There will be more security consideration in the design” added Angulo.

One example of an improvement is; there are no proper holding areas for inmates coming from DOC, they are currently being mixed with the general circulation. With the new facility, the inmates will have their own holding cells and own circulation passage within the building. They’ll never have to cross paths with anyone, [like how it should be].”

In conjunction with the courts project, the central plant located on the SRPMIC campus will also be expanded to accommodate the new court house. The central plant currently provides serves to all facilities on the SRPMIC campus as well as the Department of Corrections.

As you may know, this master plan can change at any time. It may experience setbacks or it may be completed in no time. Until then, we will continue to see this empty lot. Before you know it, the SRPMIC will have a new addition to this expanding campus.

If you have any questions, Call the SRPMIC Engineering Construction Services at (480) 362-1234.


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