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Suns Guard, Diante Garrett takes a picture with Community Member Teya Johnson

Suns Guard Diante Garrett Visits Lehi, Talks About Being Healthy & Fit

By Dustin Hughes

Au-Authm Action News

On Tuesday evening, March 19, the Lehi gymnasium hosted a “Get Fit” assembly with the Phoenix Suns. The festivities kicked off with a quick 3-on-3 basketball tournament for the youth, and afterward the children and parents enjoyed hot dogs and other light refreshments while waiting for the special guest for the evening: Phoenix Suns Guard Diante Garrett, who talked about eating healthy and staying fit.

Just prior to Garrett’s arrival, the children were asked a little bit about the topic, such as “What does being fit mean?” Some of their responses included “eating fruits and vegetables” and “playing basketball.”

After receiving a warm welcome, Garrett sat down and answered questions posed to him by the children about nutrition and exercise. Garrett explained that he likes to eat right and that good food gives him the energy he needs, especially when he plays basketball.

He was asked about his favorite fruit (apples) and his fitness routine. To stay fit, he explained that he runs on the basketball court. He also shared that as a child he played basketball every day.

“When I was in P.E., my favorite game to play was tag! I was never ‘it’ though—I was too fast for everyone,” Garrett said, laughing.

The final question was “What was your first basketball game like?”
Garrett responded, “[Before] my first game, I was nervous, like really nervous. But as the game went on, I was having so much fun [that] the nervous part went away. But you know who else likes to stay fit and loves the game of basketball like me?” The children looked around with curiosity and confusion.

“The gorilla,” Garrett shouted. With that, the Suns mascot, the Gorilla, entered the gymnasium, running and shooting confetti all over and ran a couple of laps, playfully interacting and jumping around the children. After calming down, the Gorilla and Garrett hosted a Q-and-A session to the kids.

One question was “Who is No. 10 for the Suns?” and a child responded, “Steve Nash!”

The Gorilla playfully picked up the child and placed him back in the crowd, and then the question was correctly answered: Diante Garrett is No. 10 for the Suns. Afterwards Garrett and the kids helped the Gorilla find his favorite sport by acting out a playful run-through highlighting many sports, including rhythmic gymnastics. The theatrical Gorilla danced with his ribbon, creating a gym filled with laughter.

Finally, Garrett welcomed the Suns dance group, the Solar Squad, who performed a dance routine while Garrett and the Gorilla set up for pictures and autographs. The eve

nt ended with the all the kids learning dance moves to stay fit while having fun.
Special thanks to Casino Arizona and the Phoenix Suns for making the event happen. Follow Diante Garrett on Twitter @kinggarrett10. For more information on Get Fit with the Suns, visit

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