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AZ Skins take Championship title of the 2012 Monsoon Madness Tournament.

AZ Skins Win Championship Title in Monsoon Madness

By Tasha Silverhorn
Au-Authm Action News

Eight teams participated in the Monsoon Madness co-ed softball tournament, held August 23-25. The championship game took place on Saturday, August 25. The teams Say Something and Dirt Kids battled it out to see who would play in the championship game against the AZ Skins team.

Dirt Kids beat Say Something 8-6, leaving Say Something in third place.
“We try to get in the tournament every year,” said Dirt Kids pitcher JJ Jones after winning their game against Say Something. “We all play hard and make plays together; the girls are pretty strong, which makes a difference when we play co-ed. Our team is made up of mostly Navajos and some Hopis.”

Jones hoped to win the championship title, but in the end the AZ Skins were victorious, with a final score of 12-11. The Dirt Kids did not give up without a fight. They were down by 10 runs, but they came back in the sixth inning, scoring nine runs, putting the championship within reach. But they couldn’t get any runs in the bottom of the seventh inning, leaving them to take second place.

“They are a good team. We battle against [Dirt Kids] in the Lori Piestewa National Native American Games as well. It’s always a battle when we play against each other,” said AZ Skins player Kenny Maynard about how well the Dirt Kids caught up in the sixth inning. “We all play against each other on men’s teams and women’s teams as well. We all know each other, we’re all friends.”

Both teams are looking forward to playing in the Native American World Series in Salt Lake City, Utah later this month.

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