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The Salt River Police Department unveiled it's new Community Outreach Police Vehicle, there has been a lot of interest from the public.

SRPD Embraces Community Culture with New Community Outreach Police Vehicle

By Det. Vicente Cendejas

Salt River Police Department

The Salt River Police Department is always looking for new ways to positively impact the future of our Community while preserving the past. A new Community outreach vehicle was recently unveiled which focuses on community outreach within the community and as a new tool to bring all within the Community together.

“The vehicle is representative of our commitment to the community we serve,” said Chief Patrick Melvin. Chief Melvin also mentioned that “the SRPD is committed to increasing the perception of safety in our community and the Community Outreach Vehicle allows us to partner with community members to solve crime together.” This Community Outreach Vehicle was obtained from a drug seizure that was once used for illegal criminal activity and was acquired as a result of the community’s zero tolerance philosophy.

The ideas, suggestions and design for the Community Outreach Vehicle came directly from community members within our community. When you first see the vehicle, you notice the vehicle resembles a rock, in earth tone colors, representing the solid foundation of the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community. The Warrior shield is on the hood of the vehicle to symbolize the responsibility of the Police Department to serve and protect our community. On the sides of the vehicle is the SRPMIC Seal, depicting the man in the maze, flanked by the American and Arizona flags with the Sacred Red Mountain in the background. Additionally, on the right side of the vehicle are the SRPD values of:

Service Respect Pride Dedication, translated in O’Odham and the left side translated in Piipaash. The use of Piipaash and O’odham is another tool to educate and embrace community youth concerning culture and heritage while bridging the gap between the community and the police department.

“The vehicle is a step toward a better relationship with our law enforcement officers and them understanding who we are as a people,” states Vice President of the Young River People’s Council, Martha Ludlow Martinez. The “Officers Prayer” is on the roof of the vehicle which symbolizes protection; protection for our police officers as they protect and serve the members of all within the community.
Young River People’s Council member Aaron Rivers said “I thought it was a positive design for the police department along with the tribe. I like it a lot and should be made for the Community.

The Police Department’s Community Outreach Vehicle is a great Community Policing tool.

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