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Salt River Junior High Eagles Football players continue to learn and improve their game.

Salt River Junior High Eagles Football Team Learns the Game

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

The Salt River Junior High Eagles are off to a rocky start to their football season. The young team is finding they must pick up the pace and work hard at techniques during each game.

“The team has only played a couple of games so far and they have lost both of them,” said Head Coach Michael Harvey. The first game was a home game against Desert Heights, which ended 44-8.

“We are improving, but we still have a lot of kids that have never played the sport, and a lot of them are still very young in the team,” said Harvey.

The other game was against Heritage Academy. The Eagles were up 14-12, but Harvey said by halftime they just couldn’t put them away. The final score was 32-24.

“The team is going up against other teams that have experience playing tackle football, Pop Warner or peewee leagues, and many of our kids just started playing this season,” he said.

It’s been tough for the junior Eagles and the learning curve is steep for them, but Harvey said they are doing well and learning. “There is a large amount of sixth-graders who came out, and I hope they continue to participate throughout the years,” he said.

Harvey noted that there are so many little things the players need to learn, so it’s kind of rough on them right now. On top of that, they need to learn how to tackle and block, and there is all kinds of technique involved in that, so they are all getting a crash course in playing football.

“This has been our main challenge: to teach the technique and apply [it in a game] situation afterwards. They are working hard on everything.”

The team’s last game is against South Pointe, an away game on October 18. For more information, contact Salt River High School at (480) 362-2000.

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Salt River Junior High Eagles Football Team Learns the Game