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Speed Traffic Education and Enforcement (TEEP) Project:

By Sgt. Anthony Sandoval

Salt River Police Department,

Nationwide, speed related crashes tragically take the lives of thousands of persons each year and serious injure hundreds of thousands of persons each year. Speeding is a factor in about 33 percent (12,350) of all traffic fatality crashes, 13 percent (700,000) of all non-fatal injury crashes and there are over 2.3 million vehicles involved in property damage only crashes each year.

(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Speed related crash typology report, 2010). Crashes in which at least one driver was exceeding the legal speed limit or driving too fast for conditions, annually cost $40.4 billion (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Economic impact of motor vehicle collisions report, 2010).

The Salt River Police Department (SRPD) and the SRPD Traffic Enforcement Bureau (TEB) in response to patterns, trends and Community Members comments about their concerns about speeders and cut-through traffic launched a Speed Traffic Education and Enforcement (TEEP) Project. The goals were to enforce Tribal and State traffic laws specifically focused on speeding, to educate drivers, to increase roadway safety within the Community and to reduce collisions—especially serious injury and fatal collisions. During the first week (April 14 - April 21) of this Special Operation, SRPD Officers were concentrating High Visibility Activity (HVA) at several locations within the Community including Gilbert Rd., McDowell Rd., McKellips Rd., Mesa Dr., Chaparral Rd., Extension Rd. and Alma School Rd.) and conducted 656 traffic stops, 471 Speeding Violations, 10 DUI Arrests and 4 Warrant Arrests within the SRPMIC and a savings of $16,426 funding this Special Operation with Grant Funding that resulted in the following metrics (below):
• 656 total traffic stops.
• There were 369 written warnings issued and 379 citations issued.
• 471 Speed violations.
• 14 DOSL (Driving On Suspended License) violations.
• 10 DUI (Driving under the influence).
• 23 Stop Sign / Red Light violations.
• 13 Adult Safety Seat violations.
• 1 Child Safety Seat violations.
• 4 Warrant Arrests.
• Excellent communication and coordination with FOD (for transports, standby and assistance), PSCD Communications Dispatchers (for handling increased radio traffic) and our Records Bureau Team Members (for TS merging cases and handling increased work load) and PEB (Property and Evidence Bureau) Team Members.
• 349.5 hours of Overtime was paid through the BIA IHSP Grant. Savings of approximately $16,426 to the Community.

A very special thank you to SRPD Officers, SRPD PSCD Communications Dispatchers and Records Bureau Team Members (M. Miles, S. Aguirre, K. Hawee and Records staff for On-Call TS Reports) and Property and Evidence Bureau (PEB) Professionals, who worked this Special Operation, they worked various shifts, their days off and sacrificed their time away from their families to Serve and Protect the Community.

The message is simple: “The Posted Speed Limit is the Limit, Don’t Violate the Limit …It’s the Law!”

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