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Rachel Seepie and other Salt River Triathletes start their swim at Tempe Town Lake.

Community members and Employees participate in the Second Annual Marquee Triathlon

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Hundreds of swimmers, bikers and runners gathered at Tempe Town Lake on April 15 to participate in the second annual Marquee Triathlon, presented by Iron Gear Sports. The triathlon offered something for everyone, from first-time triathletes to seasoned pros. The course went around Tempe Town Lake and through the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

A few Community members and employees competed in the event as teams or individuals, including members of the Salt River Triathletes.

All events started and finished at Tempe Beach Park. The first event was the Half Ironman, with a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike ride and 13.1-mile run. Then the next wave was the Olympic triathlon, with a 1,500-meter swim, 25-mile bike ride and 6.2-mile run. The last event was the Sprint triathlon: a 750-meter swim, 12.4-mile bike ride and 3.1-mile run.

Zoey Lewis, who was on one of the relay teams from the Community, was very eager and at the same time nervous about getting her swim portion done. “I have not swam in open water at all,” said Lewis. “I have been practicing this whole time in swimming pools, but I should be good.”

Community member and Ford Ironman Triathlon finisher Rachel Seepie started her morning running back and forth from the lake to the parking lot after forgetting her goggles for the swim. “I plan to be in and out of the lake,” she said as she hurried and put her wetsuit and goggles on. She was competing solo.
The Red Rock Co., Inc. put on the event. All participants received Marquee Triathlon finisher medals.

Participating Community Members and Employees

Relay Teams
Michelle Roan, Roman Orona, Lindsay Cuch
Wayne Sekaquaptewa, Felicia Sekaquaptewa, Paul Martinez
Zoey Lewis, Beverly Stanley, Tamar Gonzalez
Amber Manuelito, Darrell Stanley, Wilbert Lee

Individual Entry
Doran Dalton, Levi Loma, Vanessa Valdo, Rachel Seepie, Annette Brown, Caroline Sekaquaptewa, Katie Rosier and Kristin McPhie

Community members and Employees participate in the Second Annual Marquee Triathlon
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