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Coach Shawn Lytle was presented with a Pendleton blanket.

SRHS Coach Recognized During Athletics Banquet

By Tasha Silverhorn

Au-Authm Action News

Coach Shawn Lytle was recently nominated for the Arizona Republic Coach of the Year award. During the Salt River High School Winter Athletics Banquet on March 5, Lytle was presented with a Pendleton blanket in the “Father’s Eyes” design.

The blanket is given as tribute to men who watch over and guide us through life.

Lytle was recognized for his dedication to all the sports at both Salt River High School and the former Desert Eagle High School. Lytle has led his teams to the top and continues to strive for No. 1; he helped to guide the Salt River High School girls basketball team to the 1-A State Championships in 2010.

Lytle also has a number of personal accomplishments, which include 1-A East Softball Coach of the Year 2005, Employee of the Year 2006-07, 1-A West Coach of the Year 2006-07, 1-A Athletic Director of the Year 2009, 1-A East Coach of the Year 2009-10, and 1-A Conference President Representative.

“Coach Lytle has invested a lot in many young men and women in and out of uniform,” said Salt River High School Concession Stand Supervisor Little Fawn Loring as she presented the blanket to Lytle. “He has given each player the tools they needed to be a leader and to compete at the next level. He has also dedicated his time to making each player a better person and athlete. I was once told that our fingerprints never fade from the lives we touch. Coach Lytle, you have touched many lives from the Desert Eagle School years to here at Salt River High School; thank you.”

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SRHS Coach Recognized During Athletics Banquet