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SRPD Click It Or Ticket Memorial Day Weekend DUI Task Force Report

By Sgt. Anthony Sandoval

Salt River Police Department

Below is the Special Event “Recap Report” and statistic spreadsheet for the 2012 “Click It or Ticket” (May 21st to June 3rd, 2012) which includes the “Memorial Day Weekend” DUI Task Force (May 25th to 27th, 2012). Salt River Police Officers working this Special Operation conducted 949 traffic stops within the SRPMIC that resulted in:
• 28 DUI Arrests consisting of: 15 DUI (above .08% bac) DUI arrests, 6 Extreme DUI (above .15% bac) DUI arrests, 3 Super Extreme DUI (above .20% bac) DUI arrests, 2 DUI-Drug arrests, and 2 Aggravated DUI felony arrests.
• There were 628 written warnings issued and 526 citations issued.
• 169 Adult Safety Seat violations.
• 2 Child Safety Seat violations.
• 447 Speed violations.
• 21 DOSL violations.
• 66 Stop Sign / Red Light violations.
• 5 Warrant Arrests (4 misdemeanors / 1 Felony stateside).
• “Arrive Alive Buckle Up” billboards displayed during enforcement period on McDowell Rd. at Alma School Rd. and Extension Rd.
• Excellent communication and coordination with FOD (for transports, standby and assistance), PSCD Communications Dispatchers (for handling increased radio traffic) and our Records Bureau Team Members (for TS merging cases and handling increased work load).
• 620 hours of Overtime was paid through a BIA IHSP (530 hours) and AZ GOHS (90 hours) Grants. Savings of approximately $29,140 to the Community.
• This dramatic increase in DUI detection / investigation can be directly contributed to the increased vehicular traffic within the Community, use of grant funded overtime to increase assigned Police Staff, DUI detection training, Drug Recognition Expert on staff and use of phlebotomy services.

A very special thank you to the listed SRPD Officers, SRPD PSCD Communications Dispatchers and Records Bureau Team Members (M. Miles, S. Aguirre, K. Hawee and Records staff for On-Call TS Reports) who worked this Special Operation, they worked various shifts, their days off and sacrificed their time away from their families to work the Traffic Enforcement details to Serve and Protect the Community. SRPD Officers and dispatchers who worked the DUI Task Force included: Off. Mathews, Off. Trott, Off. Lombari, Off. Morin, Off. Wood, Off. Kelly, Off. Jones, Off. Anderson, Off. I. Garcia, Off. Lasley, Off. Kuna, Off. D. Garcia, Off. Navarro, Off. Aldaco, Off. E. Moser, Off. A. Moser, Off. Quintero, Off. Derfus, Off. Valencia, Det. Hogan, Det. Zananiri, Det. Bury, Det. G. Boone, Det. Olivas, Cpl. Bergin, Cpl. Wadia, Sgt. Christakis, Lt. Sutphen, and Lt. Charlie.

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