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Salt River High School's Varsty Softball team receives certificates and awards during the Spring Sports Banquet Awards Dinners.

The 2012 Salt River High School Spring Sports

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

On May 8, the athletes participating in the 2012 spring sports at Salt River High School, along with their parents and guardians, gathered in the school cafeteria for the annual Spring Athletics Banquet. Both the junior and senior high students started off the evening by serving their guests a spaghetti dinner.

During dinner, awards were presented to the athletes and teams. The coaches of the junior high teams kicked things off. “This year we had a lot of fun,” said softball coach Dana Kuhn. The team had six elementary students and five seventh- and eighth-graders.

Simon Smith, coach of the junior high baseball team, thanked the parents for letting their children play on the team. For many of them this was the first time to throw a baseball, and even hold a bat. “The team worked on basic skills of baseball and caught on very quickly,” said Smith. He then presented each player with a certificate of appreciation.

High school varsity baseball coach Eric Barton thanked his high school team and their parents for supporting them at the games. “Last year we did not get to have a team, and this year we got to bring one back,” said the coach. “I thank all the players for making it to practice almost every day. They stepped up to each challenge that was brought to them.”

This year the school’s varsity softball team advanced farther in the standings than it ever has. Coaches Lynn Ann Yazzie and Scott Cooper thanked everyone for their support of the girls. The team, which consisted of 16 new players and five returning players, came a long way for being an almost all-new-player team. “The girls played eight more games than usual. They all improved from last season,” said Yazzie.

At the end of the season, the coaches also recognized individual players from each team with awards for Most Valuable Player, the Coaches’ Award and the Academic Achievement Award.

The 2012 Salt River High School Spring Sports Banquet
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