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SRPMIC 4TH of July Celebration

gallery-01The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Fourth of July event was not only a time for people to celebrate and acknowledge the veterans in their Community, but also a time to remember the ancestors who fought to retain the area we now call home.

Salt River Day School Students Reunite

gallery-02After years of talk about getting together, the Salt River Day School Beginners Class of 1955 finally made it happen: They planned a class reunion to remember the days they spent together at the old school. After months of planning and preparation, the class members finally had the opportunity to get together and see each other again on Saturday, June 23.

Merna Lewis: The Life of Leadership Carries Dedication and Sacrifices

gallery-01The life of leadership carries dedication and many responsibilities, not only to the Community you are representing and serving, but to your family as well. Times can be hard when you’re traveling, going to meetings, and all the while trying to take care of a growing family and keep a healthy lifestyle.
Au-Authm Action News recently sat down with Merna Lewis, former vice-president of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, to learn more about her life and experiences serving the Community. Today’s Community leaders, as well as youth who aspire to become future leaders, will find her story relatable and inspiring.