Photo Gallery

Winter Youth Gathering

gallery-01The Salt River Winter Youth Gathering was held December 28-30 at Salt River High School during the winter break. The gathering was hosted by the Salt River Advisory Council for Children and Youth (SRACCY). This year the focus was on the O’odham and Piipaash cultures, to give the youth a chance to learn and embrace the Himdak/Uudoyshish.

Junior High Wrestlers Compete at Sunkids Classic

gallery-02The trip to Tempe High School for the 2012 Sunkids Classic on Saturday, January 7 was a tournament the Salt River junior high wrestling team was looking forward to. They put in the work on the track, in the weight room and on the wrestling mat. The hard work paid off, as both eighth-graders Lavelle Benally (167-pound division) and Jeffrey Thomas (heavyweight) won their way to the gold-medal matches in their divisions.