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Over 32 teams played numerous games of horseshoes during the 5th annual Darice Enos Memorial Horseshoe Tournament.

Memorial Horseshoe Tournament Brings Family and Friends Together

By Tasha Silverhorn

Au-Authm Action News

Family and friends of the late Darice Enos came together for the Fifth Annual Darice Enos Memorial Horseshoe Tournament on Saturday, January 21.

Participants from Salt River, Gila River, Guadalupe and other locations came ready to hang out, mingle and play some horseshoes. This year the tournament filled the bracket of 32 teams, with a couple of teams on standby; there were two men per team, double elimination bracket.

The winners of this year’s tournament were Anthony Hayes and Jessie Castaneda of Salt River. Coming in second place were John Miller and John Miller, Jr. of Gila River, and in third place Julio Morales and Benito Morales of Guadalupe.

Registration fees and donations from the Darice Enos family brought in a total of $2,000 in prize money for the men’s division, with the first-place winners taking home $600.

This year the tournament held a women’s division, with six women playing singles. The results in the women’s division were Theresa Doka, first place; Erica Harvier, second place; and Chalice Schurz, third place. The women’s tournament pulled in a total of $160 from entry fees and donations.

“The women’s division didn’t go as anticipated,” said tournament organizer and family friend Kent Andrews. “Still, I’m pretty sure the participation will grow in future tournaments.”

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Memorial Horseshoe Tournament Brings Family and Friends Together