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The Salt River Recreation Department claimed the championship title of the Co-Ed Employee Basketball Tournament.

SRPMIC Recreation Department Host Employee Co-Ed Basketball Tournament

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

Employees of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community formed eight teams to compete in this year’s first Employee Co-Ed Basketball Tournament, held January 27 at the Pi-Copa Gym. The tournament was hosted by the Salt River Recreation Department.

Bloodline, a team composed of players from SRPMIC Youth Services and the Boys & Girls Club Red Mountain Branch, started the tournament playing against the Salt River Recreation Department Saturday morning. It was a close game; Bloodline lost by 2 points, 38-36. Recreation advanced up the bracket, and Bloodline finished in fourth place for the tournament.

During the third-place game, the Boys & Girls Club team played against Salt River Recreation, who also won that game, 51-40.

Recreation moved on to the championship game against the Salt River High School Monstars, who had been playing great throughout the tournament. Right away the Recreation team started making shots and taking home-court advantage.

But Recreation began to get tired, as they had played throughout the whole morning to that afternoon. The Monstars tried to benefit while their opponents were weak, but by the end, Recreation got their wind back and won the intense championship game, 48-37. The Monstars were the runners-up. Players from both teams received long-sleeved shirts for their participation.

Tournament Results
First place: Salt River Recreation Department
Second place: SRHS Salt River High School Monstars
Third place: Boys & Girls Club
Fourth place: Bloodline

SRPMIC Recreation Department Host Employee Co-Ed Basketball Tournament
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