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Youth of the Community participate in the Community basketball camp at Salt River high school.

Eighth Annual Salt River Community Basketball Camp

By Richie Corrales
Au-Authm Action News

This year the format for the Salt River Community Basketball Camp was a little different. “We started off with the high school camp first, just to concentrate on them and to make sure they got a lot of good work in,” said Shawn Lytle, Salt River High School athletic director and one of the camp’s coaches.
The camp ran July 16-19 for the high schoolers and then July 23-27 for the elementary and junior high students.

In previous years, the entire camp was held in one week, and all three school levels participated from the morning to evening. Dividing the camp into different sessions by age made more sense to the staff and allowed them to concentrate better with the kids at each level.

“The camp is very affordable versus other basketball camps throughout the Valley that can cost up to $300. This camp was reasonable and the children got a lot of one-on-one work in from athletic staff,” added Lytle.

The camp also supplied a basketball and a T-shirt to all the camp participants for the fee of $20.

The Salt River Community Basketball Camp is open to any student who is interested in learning the sport. This year the high school camp had the largest number of students, close to 40. The campers focused on shooting, dribbling, passing and defense.

“It’s a lot of fun. I play basketball and will be attending Mountain View High as a freshman,” said camper Megan LaRose, 14.

“I liked the challenge,” said Ashley Healing, who came to the camp from Window Rock with her cousin. Healing said this will help her gain more skill and confidence when she tries out for the basketball team in the upcoming school year.

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